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material innovation infrastructure diagram

NIST is working to build the materials innovation infrastructure in support of the Administration's Materials Genome Initiative.

On July 15, 2013, NIST held a webinar about the Center of Excellence Program, that included its connection to the MGI.  A copy of the slides can be viewed here and an archived version of the webinar is available online here. If you have further questions, contact Jason Averill.

BCARS composite image

Typical BCARS composite image of a polyethylene blend taken at NIST showing circular polarization response.

Scanning tunneling microscope image

Scanning tunneling microscope image shows ultrathin film layer of platinum deposited on gold.

The Materials Genome Initiative at NIST

The Problem: Finding a New Material is Complex, Expensive and Time-Consuming

Today, the discovery and optimization of new materials for innovative products is a time-consuming and laborious process, as much a craft practiced by skilled artisans as a science. Expensive trial-and-error-based experimentation is a highly inefficient way to screen potential candidates for a desired new application. Read more...