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TGDC Plenary Meeting, August 17, 2007

Technical Guidelines Development Committee (TGDC) Meeting
August 17, 2007, Via Teleconference
NIST Gaithersburg, Md.


11:25 AM (EDT) -- Administrative and Safety Issues (Allan Eustis, NIST)


11:30 AM (EDT) -- Call to Order and Administrative Details (Dr. William Jeffrey, NIST)

  • Determination of a quorum
  • Motion to adopt meeting agenda
  • Motion to accept minutes of the May 21-22, 2007 Meeting of the TGDC
  • Review of meeting logistics


11:45 AM (EDT) -- EAC Commissioners address TGDC (Commissioner Davidson)

  • Comments by EAC Commissioner Davidson
  • Questions and Discussion


12 NOON (EDT) -- Update and status of VVSG and NIST/EAC activities (Mark Skall & John Wack, NIST)

  • Summary of activities since May 2007 TGDC Plenary Session
  • Overview of VVSG - Structure and Status
  • Questions and Discussion


12:15 PM (EDT) -- Security and Transparency Subcommittee (STS) Draft Sections for VVSG (Nelson Hastings, Bill Burr, John Wack, NIST)

  • Review of STS changes from the May 2007 TGDC meeting
  • Vote to approve STS material with final edits


1:30 PM (EDT) -- LUNCH


2:00 PM (EDT) -- Core Requirements and Testing (CRT) Subcommittee Draft Sections for VVSG (David Flater, NIST)

  • Review of CRT changes from the May 2007 TGDC meeting
  • Vote to approve CRT material with final edits


3:30 PM (EDT) -- BREAK


3:45 PM -- (EDT) Human Factors and Privacy (HFP) Subcommittee Draft Sections for VVSG (Sharon Laskowski, NIST)

  • Review of HFP Changes from the Previous VVSG Draft
  • White Paper on usability performance benchmark research
  • Vote to approve HFP material with final edits


5:15 PM -Other Committee Resolutions

  • Vote to approve VVSG Document
  • Other Resolutions


5:30 PM (EDT) -- ADJOURN