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Heat Transfer and Alternative Energy Systems Group


Mission: To promote innovation and competitiveness in the alternative energy and energy efficiency sector by advancing measurement science, standards, and technology related to energy utilization in buildings.

The Heat Transfer and Alternative Energy Systems Group:

  • collects performance data, develops measurement methods, and validates computer models used to predict the energy performance of photovoltaics and other alternative energy production systems in building applications

  • provides measurement services and standard reference materials to assess the thermal performance of insulation

  • develops novel methods and tools to make in-situ measurements of the energy consumption in buildings and the energy efficiency of building components

  • develops and assesses test methods for micro-cogeneration systems, water heaters, and air conditioners


The work carried out by the group results in the following contributions to the building industry:

  • Technical Publications
  • Standard Reference Material and Standard Reference Database for thermal properties of insulation
  • Standardized test methods to assess energy performance of equipment such as photovoltaics, combined heat and power systems, water heaters, and air conditioners
  • Improved modeling capabilities to predict output of alternative energy systems
  • Novel tools and methods to assess building energy performance

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William M. Healy, Leader
Heat Transfer and Alternative Energy Group
(301) 975-4922