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301. Analysis and Design of Parallel Mechanisms with Flexure Joints
Topic: Energy
Published: 7/15/2004
Authors: Byoung H Kang, J Wen, Nicholas G Dagalakis, Jason John Gorman
Abstract: Flexure joints are frequently used in precision motion stages and micro-robotic mechanisms due lo their monolithic construction. The joint compliance, howeyer, can affect the static and dynamic performance of the overall mechanism. In this paper, we ...

302. Multiplexed Assays for Evaluation of Y-SNP Markers in U.S. Populations
Topic: Energy
Published: 4/1/2004
Authors: Peter M Vallone, John M Butler
Abstract: Genetic markers located on the Y chromosome are of increasing importance in human identity testing. In an effort to evaluate the forensic utility of Y chromosome single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) markers, we constructed several novel multiplex al ...

303. Studies on the Effect of Movement During the Cure on the Mechanical Properties of Sealand
Topic: Energy
Published: 2/8/2004
Authors: Christopher C White, Donald Lee Hunston, R S Williams
Abstract: A novel sealant-testing device was used to con-tinuously monitor the mechanical properties of a one part silicone sealant for movement cycles initiated from 10 h to 168 h after sample creation. These cure times fall between the proposed RILEM TC-139 ...

304. Combined NMR and XAS Study on Local Environments and Electronic Structures of the Electrochemically Li-Ion Deintercalated Li1-xCo1/3Ni1/3Mn1/302 Electrode System
Topic: Energy
Published: 1/1/2004
Authors: W S Yoon, C P Grey, Mahalingam Balasubramanian, Xiao-Qing Yang, Daniel A Fischer, James McBreen
Abstract: Combined 6Li MAS NMR, in-situ metal K-edge (hard) XAS, and O K-edge (soft) XAS have been carried out during the first charging process for the layered Li1-xCo1/3Ni1/3Mn1/3O2 cathode material. The 6Li MAS NMR results showed the prescence of Li in the ...

305. Smart Machining Research at the National Institute of Standards and Technology
Topic: Energy
Published: 9/23/2003
Authors: Kevin K Jurrens, Johannes A Soons, Robert W Ivester
Abstract: This paper presents an overview of collaborative research activities conducted by staff of the Manufacturing Engineering Laboratory at the National Institute of Standards and Technology to address the enabling metrology and standards infrastructure n ...

306. Reliability-Based Method for Service Life Prediction of Materials
Topic: Energy
Published: 9/17/2003
Authors: Christopher C White, Jonathan W. Martin, S F. Weber, L Shultz
Abstract: Standard test methods, such as ASTM C719, evaluate sealant performance though threshold test measurements. This method and its derivatives do not offer reliable predictions of in-service performance. This presentation will detail efforts to move aw ...

307. Thermal transport in stacked superconductor-normal metal-superconductor Josephson junctions
Topic: Energy
Published: 9/1/2003
Authors: Yonuk Chong, Paul David Dresselhaus, Samuel Paul Benz
Abstract: Nb/MoSi^d2^/Nb superconductor-normal metal-superconductor (SNS) stacked Josephson junctions have proven to be a good candidate for high-density series arrays for Josephson voltage standard applications. As the junction density increases, self-heating ...

308. User's Manual for Version 1.0 of the NIST DME Interface Test Suite for Facilitating Implementations of Version 1.1 of the I++ DME Interface Specification
Series: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)
Topic: Energy
Published: 8/21/2003
Authors: John A Horst, Thomas Rollin Kramer, Joseph A Falco, Keith A Stouffer, Hui-Min Huang, Frederick M Proctor, Albert J. Wavering, Chengying Liu
Abstract: This user's manual describes version 1.0 of the NIST Dimensional Measuring Equipment (DME) interface test suite intended to support implementations of version 1.1 of the I++ DME specification.

309. Operating Margin Measurements for an AC Josephson Voltage Standard
Topic: Energy
Published: 8/17/2003
Authors: Charles J Burroughs, Samuel Paul Benz, Paul David Dresselhaus
Abstract: For a number of years, NIST has been developing a Josephson arbitrary waveform synthesizer as an ac Josephson Voltage Standard (ACJVS). The effort has primarily focused on increasing the output voltage to practical levels. Recent advances in circuit ...

310. Johnson Noise Thermometry Measurements Using a Quantized Voltage Noise Source for Calibration
Topic: Energy
Published: 4/1/2003
Authors: Sae Woo Nam, Samuel Paul Benz, Paul David Dresselhaus, Weston Leo Tew, D. R White, John M. Martinis
Abstract: We describe a new approach to Johnson Noise Thermometry(JNT) that takes advantage of recent advances in Josephson voltage standards and digital signal processing techniques. Currently, high-precision thermometry using Johnson noise is limited by the ...

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