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681. The Effect of Processing on Interfacial Shear Properties of Composite Materials
Topic: Electronics & Telecommunications
Published: 1/1/2000
Authors: Walter G McDonough, Joy P Dunkers, Gale Antrus Holmes, Richard~undefined~undefined~undefined~undefined~undefined Parnas
Abstract: The objective of our research was to extend the use of the single fiber fragmentation test to include fast reacting resin systems and to determine the effect of gelation time on interfacial shear properties. To do this work, we developed a processin ...

682. The Effect of Self-Assembled Monolayer Technology on Fiber-Matrix Adhesion
Topic: Electronics & Telecommunications
Published: 1/1/2001
Authors: Gale Antrus Holmes, E Feresenbet, D T Raghavan

683. The Effects of Local Inhomogeneity on Shear Property Measurements of Hybrid Composites
Topic: Electronics & Telecommunications
Published: 11/1/2002
Authors: Martin Y Chiang, Carl R. Schultesiz, J He
Abstract: Numerous biological and chemical studies involve the use of calcium hydroxyapatite Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2, HA. In this study detailed physicochemical characterization of hexagonal HA prepared from an aqueous solution was carried out employing different met ...

684. The Expanding Need for Microwave and Millimeter Wave Calibration Services
Topic: Electronics & Telecommunications
Published: 1/1/1987
Authors: R T Adair, Gerome R. Reeve, L E Gatterer

685. The Forms and Functions of Complex Nanofluidic Surfaces
Topic: Electronics & Telecommunications
Published: 9/14/2010
Authors: Samuel M Stavis, Elizabeth A Strychalski, Jon C Geist, Laurie E Locascio, Michael Gaitan

686. The Gaseous Electronics Conference RF Reference Cell?An Introduction
Series: Journal of Research (NIST JRES)
Topic: Electronics & Telecommunications
Published: 7/1/1995
Authors: James K Olthoff, K E Greenberg

687. The Gaseous Electronics Conference Radio-frequency Reference Cell: A Defined Parallel-plate Radio-frequency System for Experimental and Theoretical Studies of Plasma-processing Discharges
Topic: Electronics & Telecommunications
Published: 1/1/1994
Authors: J R Roberts, James K Olthoff, James R Whetstone, Richard J. Van Brunt, Mark A Sobolewski

688. The Impact of Nonlinear Propagation Effects in Water on Ultrasound Used in Industrial Nondestructive Evaluation
Topic: Electronics & Telecommunications
Published: 1/2/1998
Author: John A. Slotwinski
Abstract: An experimental study was conducted to investigate the presence of, and assess the quantitative impact of nonlinear propagation effects of water on ultrasonic pulses generated by 5 MHz transducers of the type used in industrial ultrasonic nondestruct ...

689. The Influence of Elastomer Concentration on Toughness in Dispersions Containing Preformed Acrylic Elastomeric Particles in an Epoxy Matrix
Topic: Electronics & Telecommunications
Published: 1/1/1999
Authors: J He, D T Raghavan, D Hoffman, Donald Lee Hunston

690. The Influence of Silane Coupling Agent Composition on the Surface Characterization of Fiber and on Fiber-Matrix Interfacial Shear Strength
Topic: Electronics & Telecommunications
Published: 7/1/2003
Authors: E Feresenbet, Gale Antrus Holmes, D T Raghavan
Abstract: Epoxy resins are widely used as the matrix material for fiber reinforced composites in aircrafts, automobiles, ships and housing. Most of the reinforcement in epoxy composite is glass fiber so as to lower the cost. Studies in the past have suggeste ...

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