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11. Critically Evaluated Energy Levels and Spectral Lines of Singly Ionized Indium (In II)
Series: Journal of Research (NIST JRES)
Report Number: 118.004
Topic: Atomic Physics
Published: 1/14/2013
Author: Alexander Kramida
Abstract: A comprehensive list of the best measured wavelengths in the In II spectrum has been compiled. Uncertainties of the wavelength measurements have been analyzed, and existing inconsistencies have been resolved. An optimized set of fine-structure en ...

12. Cross-validation of microfabricated atomic magnetometers with SQUIDs for biomagnetic applications
Topic: Atomic Physics
Published: 9/28/2010
Authors: Svenja A Knappe, Tillman H. Sander, Olaf Kosch, Frank Wiekhorst, John E Kitching, Lutz Trahms
Abstract: A chip-scale atomic magnetometer (CSAM) is compared with a superconducting quantum interference devices (SQUID) sensor in two biomedical applications. CSAMs are magnetic field sensors that operate at room temperature and are based on spectroscopy of ...

13. Demonstration of Superluminal Images
Topic: Atomic Physics
Published: 6/19/2012
Authors: Ryan Thomas Glasser, Ulrich Vogl, Paul D Lett
Abstract: Optical pulse propagation with group velocities larger than the speed of light in vacuum, c, or negative, have been demonstrated theoretically and experimentally in a variety of systems [1‹5]. The anomalous dispersion required for generating ,fastŠ l ...

14. Detailed Look at Aspects of Optical Pumping in Sodium
Topic: Atomic Physics
Published: 1/1/1985
Authors: Jabez J McClelland, Michael H Kelley
Abstract: Calculations and measurements are presented of the increase in F-bar=1 ground-state population as a function of incident laser intensity in optically pumped sodium. The calculations involve numerical integration of a multilevel version of the optical ...

15. Determination of Complex Scattering Amplitudes in Low-Energy Elastic Electron-Sodium Scattering
Topic: Atomic Physics
Published: 11/1/1992
Authors: Jabez J McClelland, Steven Ray Lorentz, R E. Scholten, Michael H Kelley, Robert Celotta
Abstract: Measurements of spin-resolved elastic electron-sodium scattering have been carried out at incident energies of 4.1 and 12.1 eV, and the ratio of triplet to singlet scattering cross sections has been obtained at each energy. The ratio is used to provi ...

16. Diagnosis of Spin Polarization in an Optically Pumped Sodium Beam
Topic: Atomic Physics
Published: 1/1/1985
Authors: Jabez J McClelland, Michael H Kelley

17. Effective three-body interactions and decoherence of coherent atom states in optical lattices
Topic: Atomic Physics
Published: 9/15/2009
Authors: Philip Johnson, Eite Tiesinga, James V Porto, Carl J Williams
Abstract: We show that virtual excitations of neutral bosons to higher vibrational states in a three dimensional optical lattice generate effective, tunable, attractive three-body interactions. These effective processes can quickly decohere coherent states hel ...

18. Elastic Scattering of Spin-Polarized Electrons from Spin-Polarized Na Atoms
Topic: Atomic Physics
Published: 1/1/1987
Authors: Michael H Kelley, Jabez J McClelland, Robert Celotta

19. Electron-Atom Collision Studies Using Optically State Selected Beams
Topic: Atomic Physics
Published: 1/1/1983
Authors: Michael H Kelley, Robert Celotta, Daniel Thornton Pierce

20. Electron-Atom Collision Studies Using Optically State Selected Beams: Superelastic Scattering
Topic: Atomic Physics
Published: 1/1/1985
Authors: Jabez J McClelland, Michael H Kelley, Robert Celotta

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