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1. Resonant Soft X-Ray Photofragmentation of Propane
Topic: Polymers
Published: 7/1/2003
Authors: William E Wallace III, Daniel A Fischer
Abstract: A comparison was made between the mass spectra of propane (CH6d3^CH^d2^CH^d3^) for resonant soft X-ray photofragmentation and electron-impact ionization. The soft X-ray photon energy was tuned to 287.7 eV to promote Auger relaxations from the C-H bo ...

2. 2,5-Dihydroxybenzoic Acid: Laser Desorption/Ionisation as a Function of Elevated Temperature
Topic: Polymers
Published: 3/1/2005
Authors: William E Wallace III, Mark Arnould, R Knochenmuss
Abstract: The temperature dependence of laser desorption/ionization (LDI) ion yields has been measured for 2,5-dihydroxybenzoic acid (2,5-DHB) single crystals from room temperature to 160 C using time-of-flight mass spectrometry. A steep rise in ion producti ...

3. 2,5-Dihydroxybenzoic Acid: Laser Desorption/Ionization as a Function of Elevated Temperature
Topic: Polymers
Published: 9/11/2008
Authors: William E Wallace III, Mark Arnould, R Knochenmuss

4. 3D Nanoscale Characterization of Thin-Film Organic Photovoltaic Device Structures via Spectroscopic Contrast in the TEM
Topic: Polymers
Published: 10/21/2010
Authors: Andrew A Herzing, Lee J Richter, Ian M. Anderson
Abstract: The three-dimensional characterization of third generation photovoltaic device structures at the nanometer scale is essential to the development of efficient, reliable, and inexpensive solar cell technologies. Electron tomography is a powerful metho ...

5. A Buckling-Based Metrology for Measuring the Elastic Moduli of Polymeric Thin Films
Topic: Polymers
Published: 8/1/2004
Authors: Christopher M Stafford, Eva Simonyi, C Harrison, Kathryn L Beers, Alamgir Karim, Eric J. Amis, Mark R VanLandingham, H C Kim, W Volksen, R D Miller
Abstract: As technology continues towards smaller, thinner and lighter devices, more stringent demands are placed on thin polymer films as diffusion barriers, dielectric coatings, electronic packaging and so on. Therefore, there is a growing need for testing p ...

6. A Coherent Approach for Interrogating Polybenzoxazole Fibers for Residual Phosphoric Acid
Series: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)
Report Number: 7573
Topic: Polymers
Published: 9/17/2009
Authors: Gale Antrus Holmes, Eun S. Park, Charles Martin Guttman, Kathleen M. Flynn, John R Sieber, Stephanie S Watson, Kirk D Rice
Abstract: Because of the premature failure of soft-body armor that contains the active fiber poly [(benzo-[1,2-d:5,4-d‰]-benzoxazole-2,6-diyl)-1,4-phenylene] (PBO), the Office of Law Enforcement Standards (OLES) at the National Institute of Standards and Techn ...

7. A Combinatorial Approach for Studying the Effects of 4-Biphenyl Carboxylic Acid on Polypropylene Films
Topic: Polymers
Published: 1/1/2003
Authors: Marlon L Walker, A P Smith, Alamgir Karim

8. A Dielectric Slit Die for In-Line Monitoring of Polymer Compounding
Topic: Polymers
Published: 4/1/2004
Authors: Anthony J. Bur, S C Roth, M M McBrearty
Abstract: The dielectric slit die is an instrument that is designed to measure electrical, rheological, ultrasonics, optical and other properties of a flowing liquid. In one application it is connected to the exit of an extrudder, pump or mixing machine that ...

9. A Direct Comparison of SANS and DET for Polymer Diffusion During Polystyrene Latex Film Formation
Topic: Polymers
Published: 3/1/2000
Authors: S D Kim, E M Boczar, Barry J. Bauer, A Klein, L H Sperling
Abstract: Polystyrene latex film is a model system for the study of interdiffusion in polymers. Small-angle neutron scattering (SANS) and a direct nonradiative energy transfer technique (DET) are widely used to study the interdiffusion of polymers in latex fil ...

10. A High-Throughput Milli-Fluidic Platform For Polymer Formulations
Topic: Polymers
Published: 1/1/2003
Authors: Kathryn L Beers, J Cabral, H J Walls, Alamgir Karim, Eric J. Amis

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