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981. Phase Relations in Ba-(Nd,Eu,Gd)-Cu-O Coated Conductor Films
Topic: Ceramics
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Winnie K Wong-Ng, Igor Levin, Joseph J. Ritter, Lawrence P. Cook, Guangyao Liu, Makoto Otani, Christopher E Lucas, Shailee P Diwanji, Ron Feenstra, P Goyal, Mark D Vaudin
Abstract: Knowledge of phase relations in thin films of Ba2RCu3O6+x (where R=lanthanides or mixed lanthanides) is needed to guide the processing of coated conductors. High-temperature X-ray diffraction studies of Ba2RCu3O6+x films deposited using the trifluor ...

982. Phase-Correct Bond Lengths in Crystalline-Ge^dx^Si^dl-x^ Alloys
Topic: Ceramics
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Joseph C Woicik, K E Miyano, C A King, R W Johnson, J G Pellegrino, T L Lee, Z H Lu
Abstract: Extended x-ray absorption fine structure performed at the Ge-K edge has determined the Ge-Ge and Ge-Si bond lengths in a series of crystalline-Ge^dl-x^ alloys (x [greater than/less than] 0.5) to be compositional dependent. This high-precision measur ...

983. Polarization Dependence of Raman Peak Heights in the Absence of an Analyzer
Topic: Ceramics
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Grady S White, L M Braun, M I Bell
Abstract: The general expression relating Raman scattering intensity to incident and scattered polarization directions is modified to account for an experimental configuration without an analyzer. This expression, combined with the known polarizability tensor ...

984. Practical Intrinsic-Error Bounds for X-Ray Computed Tomography
Topic: Ceramics
Published: Date unknown
Author: R D Spal
Abstract: Images produced by x-ray computed tomography contain intrinsic error due to the limited spatial resolution of the technique. Two bounds on the mean intrinsic error over a specified region are determined, given only minimal information about the objec ...

985. Precise Determination of the Energy-Dependent X-Ray Diffraction Phases and the Site-Specific Short-Range Order in Yba^d2^Cu^d3^O^d6.8^ Using DAFS
Topic: Ceramics
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Charles E. Bouldin, H Stragier, Bruce D Ravel, L B Sorensen
Abstract: We have used a self-comsistent Kramers-Kr nig analysis of the diffraction anomalous fine structure (DAFS) signals to precisely determine the phase of a series of (00L) Bragg reflections in Yba^d2^Cu^d3^O^d6.8^. Our method is a new solution to the cr ...

986. Predicting Fracture Resistance of Brittle Crystals
Topic: Ceramics
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Grady S White, Stephen Weil Freiman, Lin-Sien H Lum
Abstract: A simple expression is derived relating fracture surface energy to easily measured material properties, i.e., the elastic Young's modulus and the equilibrium atomic plane spacing via a proportionality constant, k. This expression appears to be indep ...

987. Prediction of the Degradation Behavior of Calcareous Rocks via Finite-Element Modelling
Topic: Ceramics
Published: Date unknown
Authors: T Weiss, D M. Saylor, Lin-Sien H Lum, S Siegesmund

988. Predictive chemical kinetic model for lubricant performance: bench testings
Topic: Ceramics
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Stephen M. Hsu, C I Chen
Abstract: Bench tests have been used to screen lubricants and additives for industrial fluids in machinery applications for a very long time. As technology becomes more sophisticated in terms of materials, controls, and design, the need for simple, quick, and ...

989. Preface for Proceedings of the 'Perovskite Oxides for Electronic, Energy Conversion, and Energy Efficiency Applications' Session of the ACS 101st Annual Meeting
Topic: Ceramics
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Winnie K Wong-Ng, T G Holesinger, G N Riley, R Guo
Abstract: This manuscript is the preface for the proceedings of the focused session 'Perovskite Oxides for Electronic, Energy Conversion, and Energy Efficiency Applications,' which was held April 25-28, 1999, in Indianapolis, IN, during the 101st annual meetin ...

990. Proceedings of NEW: Update 2001, National Educators Workshop, NIST, October 16-18, 2001
Topic: Ceramics
Published: Date unknown
Authors: S Jahanmir, J Jacobs
Abstract: This report contains the introduction to the proceedings of the 2001 National Educators Workshop, planned for October 16-18, 2001 at NIST. More than one hundred fifty participants from academic, industrial, and government organizations, as well as l ...

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