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51. Fatigue Damage in Ceramic Coatings From Cyclic Contact :Loading with Tangential Component
Topic: Ceramics
Published: 1/1/2008
Authors: Yuyan Zhang, J.-W Kim, J H Kim, Brian Ronald Lawn

52. Characterizing crystalline polymorph transitions in HfO2 by extended x-ray absorption fine-structure spectroscopy
Topic: Ceramics
Published: 12/17/2007
Authors: Patrick S Lysaght, Joseph C Woicik, M A. Sahiner, B -H Lee, Raj Jammy

53. Do Plastic Zones Form at Crack Tips in Silicate Glasses?
Topic: Ceramics
Published: 12/13/2007
Authors: Jose Lopez-Cepero, Sheldon Martin Wiederhorn, Theo Fett, Jean-Pierre Guin
Abstract: In a number of recent studies, the claim has been made that silicate glasses fracture by the formation, growth and coalescence of cavities, in the same way that metals do but at a much smaller scale. Evidence for cavity formation comes from the exami ...

54. Diameter-Dependent Radial and Tangential Elastic Moduli of ZnO Nanowires
Topic: Ceramics
Published: 12/1/2007
Authors: Gheorghe Stan, C V Ciobanu, Prahalad M. Parthangal, Robert Francis Cook

55. Do Plastic Zones Form at Crack Tips in Silicate Glasses
Topic: Ceramics
Published: 12/1/2007
Authors: Jose Lopez-Cepero, Sheldon Martin Wiederhorn, Theo Fett, J P Guin

56. Thermal-Elastic Response of Polycrystalline Microstructures: Influence of Grain Orientation Configuration
Topic: Ceramics
Published: 12/1/2007
Authors: Edwin R. Fuller, D M. Saylor, T Weiss

57. Arrest, Deflection, Penetration and Reinitiation of Cracks in Brittle Layers Across Adhesive Interlayers
Topic: Ceramics
Published: 11/30/2007
Authors: James Lee, Isabel K Lloyd, Herzl Chai, J G Jung, Brian Ronald Lawn
Abstract: A layer structure consisting of two glass plates bonded with polymer-based adhesives and loaded at the upper surface with a line indenter is used to evaluate crack containment. Two adhesives are used, a low-modulus epoxy resin and a particle-filled ...

58. Design and Spectroscopic Reflectometry Characterization of Pulsed Laser Deposition Combinatorial Libraries
Topic: Ceramics
Published: 11/30/2007
Authors: Peter K. Schenck, Nabil Bassim, Makoto Otani, Hiroyuki Oguchi, Martin L Green

59. Development of High-throughput Thermoelectric Screening Tool for Combinatorial Thin Libraries
Topic: Ceramics
Published: 11/30/2007
Authors: Makoto Otani, K Itaka, Winnie K Wong-Ng, H Koinuma, Martin L Green

60. Bulk Silicon Is Susceptible to Fatigue
Topic: Ceramics
Published: 11/19/2007
Authors: Sanjit Bhowmick, Juan Jose Melendez-Martinez, Brian Ronald Lawn
Abstract: It has long been held that bulk silicon is immune from fatigue. We present contrary evidence demonstrating severe fatigue in macroscale cracks produced in cyclic loading of single-crystal silicon with a sphere indenter. The key ingredient is a comp ...

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