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211. Recommendation for Obtaining Assurances for Digital Signature Applications
Series: Special Publication (NIST SP)
Report Number: 800-89
Topic: Cybersecurity
Published: 11/30/2006
Author: Elaine B Barker
Abstract: Entities participating in the generation or verification of digital signatures depend on the authenticity of the process. This Recommendation specifies methods for obtaining the assurances necessary for valid digital signatures: assurance of domain p ...

212. Guidance for Securing Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition: A NIST Security Configuration Checklist
Series: Special Publication (NIST SP)
Report Number: 800-69
Topic: Cybersecurity
Published: 9/29/2006
Authors: Karen Kent Scarfone, Murugiah P Souppaya, John Connor
Abstract: The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) developed this document in furtherance of its statutory responsibilities under the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) of 2002, Public Law 107-347. This publication seeks to as ...

213. Guidelines for Media Sanitization
Series: Special Publication (NIST SP)
Report Number: 800-88
Topic: Cybersecurity
Published: 9/1/2006
Authors: Richard L Kissel, Matthew A Scholl, Steven Skolochenko, Xiang Li
Abstract: Information systems capture, process, and store information using a wide variety of media. This information is located not only on the intended storage media but also on devices used to create, process, or transmit this information. These media may r ...

214. Personal Identity Verification (PIV) of Federal Employees and Contractors
Series: Federal Inf. Process. Stds. (NIST FIPS)
Report Number: 201-1
Topic: Cybersecurity
Published: 6/26/2006
Authors: William I. MacGregor, Ketan Mehta
Abstract: [Superseded by FIPS 201-2(August 2013):] This document was developed to satisfy the requirements of HSPD-12, approved by the Secretary of Commerce, and issued on March 2006. This cha ...

215. Targeted Search: Reducing the Time and Cost for Searching for Objects in Multi-Server Networks
Topic: Cybersecurity
Published: 4/9/2006
Author: Allen L Roginsky
Abstract: In many applications - including P2P file sharing, content distribution networks, and grid computing - a single object will be searched for in multiple servers. In this paper, we find the provably optimal search method for such applications and deve ...

216. Computer Security Division 2005 Annual Report
Series: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)
Report Number: 7285
Topic: Cybersecurity
Published: 2/1/2006
Authors: Tanya L Brewer, Matthew A Scholl
Abstract: This report covers the work conducted within the National Institute of Standards and Technology's Computer Security Division during the Fiscal Year 2005. It discusses all projects and programs within the Division, staff highlights, and publications. ...

217. Cryptographic Primitives Can Be Fragile
Topic: Cybersecurity
Published: 1/3/2006
Author: Rene C Peralta
Abstract: We show that a well-known coin-flipping protocol is breakable in the sense that one of the parties can pre-determine the result of the coin-flip. The way in which the protocol fails is illustrative of the fact that there are insecure ways of using se ...

218. Secure Domain Name System (DNS) Deployment Guide
Series: Special Publication (NIST SP)
Report Number: 800-81
Topic: Cybersecurity
Published: 1/1/2006
Authors: Ramaswamy Chandramouli, Scott William Rose
Abstract: [Superseded by SP 800-81 Rev. 1 (April 2010):] We examine the performance of multimodal biometric authentication systems using state-of-the-art Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) finger ...

219. Guide to Malware Incident Prevention and Handling
Series: Special Publication (NIST SP)
Report Number: 800-83
Topic: Cybersecurity
Published: 11/23/2005
Authors: Peter M Mell, Karen Kent, Joseph Nusbaum
Abstract: [Superseded by SP 800-83 Rev. 1 (July 2013):] This publication provides recommendations for improving an organizations malware incident prevention measures. It also gives extensive ...

220. Recommendation for Key Management - Part 2: Best Practices for Key Management Organization
Series: Special Publication (NIST SP)
Report Number: 800-57 Pt2
Topic: Cybersecurity
Published: 8/25/2005
Authors: William C Barker, Elaine B Barker, William E. (William E.) Burr, William T Polk, Miles E. Smid
Abstract: Best Practices for Key Management Organization, Part 2 of the Recommendation for Key Management is intended primarily to address the needs of system owners and managers. It provides context, principles, and implementation guidelines to assist in imp ...

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