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61. Electromagnetic Nanoscale Metrology Based on Entropy Production and Fluctuations
Series: Journal of Research (NIST JRES)
Topic: Electromagnetics
Published: 10/8/2008
Author: James R. Baker-Jarvis
Abstract: Many electromagnetic measurements are based on the relationship between dissipation and fluctuations. As measurement frequencies increase and dimensional scales decrease, an understanding of fluctuations and the effects of nonequilbrium behavior beco ...

62. Numerical Investigation of the Induced Voltage on a Cables Placed at Random Locations Inside a Metallic Enclosure
Topic: Electromagnetics
Published: 9/8/2008
Authors: Christopher L Holloway, Luis Nuno, Perry F. Wilson
Abstract: A very practical susceptibility problem has been analyzed in this paper. It consists of a cable of defined length and fixed terminals, but different layouts, placed in a metallic box with an aperture. The induced voltages for the different layouts ar ...

63. Using Reverberation Chamber to Simulate the Power Delay Profile of a Wireless Environment
Topic: Electromagnetics
Published: 9/8/2008
Authors: Christopher L Holloway, E Genender, Catherine A Remley, John M Ladbury, Galen H Koepke, H Garbe
Abstract: Multipath propagation environment effects, such as frequency-selective fading, have a strong impact on the quality of the wireless channel. For example, multipath can impact bit error rate (BER) differently than Gaussian noise. For testing wireless ...

64. NIST Tests of the Wireless Environment in Automobile Manufacturing Facilities
Series: Technical Note (NIST TN)
Report Number: 1550
Topic: Electromagnetics
Published: 9/1/2008
Authors: Catherine A Remley, Galen H Koepke, Chriss A. Grosvenor, John M Ladbury, Dennis G Camell, Jason B Coder, Robert Johnk
Abstract: This report describes tests carried out by members of the NIST Electromagnetics Division to study the wireless environment in automotive manufacturing facilities. Testing was performed at three facilities during 2006 and 2007. We studied an assembly ...

65. Electromagnetic Airframe Penetration Measurements of a Beechcraft Premier IA
Series: Technical Note (NIST TN)
Report Number: 1548
Topic: Electromagnetics
Published: 8/1/2008
Authors: Chriss A. Grosvenor, David R Novotny, Dennis G Camell, Galen H Koepke, Robert Johnk
Abstract: The National Institute of Standards and Technology has recently completed shielding effectiveness/penetration studies on three different aircraft types for the Federal Aviation Administration.  The studies are used to understand the cavity coupl ...

66. Microwave Characterization of Semiconductors with a Split-Cylinder Cavity
Topic: Electromagnetics
Published: 8/1/2008
Authors: Billy F Riddle, James R. Baker-Jarvis, Michael D Janezic
Abstract: In this paper we demonstrate the use of a split-cylinder cavity for characterizing semiconductors over a temperature range of 173 K (-100oC) to 373 K (+100oC) at microwave frequencies (9-30 GHz). Complex permittivity measurements of silicon (Si) and ...

67. Chamber Imaging Using Spherical Near-Field Scanning
Topic: Electromagnetics
Published: 7/5/2008
Authors: Ronald Curtis Wittmann, Michael H Francis, Randy Direen
Abstract: We discuss recent measurements performed at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) that were used to characterize the incident fields within a test volume and to produce images of the test chamber.

68. Near-field Scanning Measurements: Theory and practice
Topic: Electromagnetics
Published: 7/3/2008
Authors: Michael H Francis, Ronald Curtis Wittmann
Abstract: This chapter summarizes theoretical and practical aspects of near-field scanning methods. These methods allow complete characterization of the transmitting or receiving properties using measurements made in close proximity to an antenna.

69. Dependence of the Intrinsic Spin Transfer Switching Current Density on the Size of Elliptical Spin Valves
Topic: Electromagnetics
Published: 7/2/2008
Authors: Ranko Heindl, Stephen E Russek, Thomas J Silva, William H Rippard, Jordan A Katine
Abstract: We studied current induced magnetization reversal in elliptical spin valves with CoFeB free layers. The data obtained from high-speed pulsed switching experiments, where the pulse widths were varied from 0.1 to 5 ns, showed differences in the intri ...

70. Evaluation of Nonlinear Distortion in ADCs Using Multisines
Topic: Electromagnetics
Published: 6/15/2008
Authors: Catherine A Remley, Nuno Carvalho, Pedro Cruz
Abstract: This paper characterizes nonlinear distortion in an analog-to-digital converter (ADC) when it is excited by representative communication signals having non-constant time-domain envelopes. The effect of subjecting the ADC to signals that present a ran ...

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