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1. NEURBT: A Program for Computing Neural Networks for Classification using Batch Learning
Series: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)
Report Number: 8037
Topic: Math
Published: 2/15/2015
Author: Javier Bernal
Abstract: NEURBT, a Fortran 77 program for computing neural networks for classification using batch learning, is discussed. NEURBT is based on M{phi}ller's scaled conjugate gradient algorithm which is a variation of the traditional conjugate gradient metho ...

2. Randomized methods for rank-deficient linear systems
Topic: Math
Published: 2/13/2015
Authors: Josef Sifuentes, Zydrunas Gimbutas, Leslie Greengard
Abstract: We present a simple, accurate method for solving consistent, rank-deficient linear systems, with or without additional rank-completing constraints. Such problems arise in a variety of applications, such as the computation of the eigenvectors of a ma ...

3. Report on Pairing-based Cryptography
Series: Journal of Research (NIST JRES)
Topic: Math
Published: 2/3/2015
Authors: Dustin Moody, Lidong Chen, Rene C Peralta, Ray A Perlner, Allen L Roginsky, Andrew Richard Regenscheid
Abstract: This report summarizes study results on pairing-based cryptography. The main purpose of the study is to form NIST‰s position on standardizing and recommending pairing-based cryptography schemes currently published in research literature and stand ...

4. A Dual Representation Simulated Annealing Algorithm for the Bandwidth Minimization Problem on Graphs
Topic: Math
Published: 1/16/2015
Authors: Jose Torres Jimenez, Javier Bernal, Raghu N Kacker
Abstract: The bandwidth minimization problem on graphs (BMPG) consists of labeling the vertices of a graph with the integers from 1 to $n$ ($n$ is the number of vertices) such that the maximum absolute difference between labels of adjacent vertices is as sma ...

5. Recovery of background structures in nanoscale Helium Ion Microscope imaging, and the use of progressive fractional diffusion smoothing.
Series: Journal of Research (NIST JRES)
Report Number: 119.030
Topic: Math
Published: 12/31/2014
Author: Andras Vladar
Abstract: This paper discusses a two step enhancement technique applicable to noisy Helium Ion Microscope images in which background structures are not easily discernible due to a weak signal. The method is based on a preliminary adaptive histogram equaliz ...

6. Expansions for a fundamental solution of Laplace's equation on R^u3^ in 5-cyclidic harmonics
Topic: Math
Published: 10/14/2014
Authors: Howard S Cohl, Hans Volkmer
Abstract: We derive eigenfunction expansions for a fundamental solution of Laplace's equation in three-dimensional Euclidean space in 5-cyclidic coordinates. There are three such expansions in terms of internal and external 5-cyclidic harmonics of first, seco ...

7. An Asymptotically Optimal Structural Attack on the ABC Multivariate Encryption Scheme
Topic: Math
Published: 10/3/2014
Authors: Dustin Moody, Ray A Perlner, Daniel C Smith-Tone
Abstract: Historically, multivariate public key cryptography has been less than successful at offering encryption schemes which are both secure and efficient. At PQCRYPTO '13 in Limoges, Tao, Diene, Tang, and Ding introduced a promising new multivariate e ...

8. Elliptic Curves arising from Brahmagupta Quadrilaterals
Topic: Math
Published: 8/1/2014
Authors: Farzali Izadi, Foad Khoshnam, Dustin Moody, Arman Zargar
Abstract: A Brahmagupta quadrilateral is a cyclic quadrilateral whose sides, diagonals, and area are all integer values. In this article, we characterize the notions of Brahmagupta, introduced by K. R. S. Sastry, by means of elliptic curves. Motivated by ...

9. A Binomial Approximation Method for the Ising Model
Topic: Math
Published: 5/21/2014
Authors: Isabel M Beichl, Amanda A. Streib, Noah S. Streib, Francis Sullivan
Abstract: A large portion of the complexity inherent to the Ising model can be captures with a trivial amount of computation. in this work, we support this claim by defining an approximation to the partition function and other thermodynamic quantities of the ...

10. Applied and Computational Mathematics Division, Summary of Activities for Fiscal Year 2013
Series: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)
Report Number: 7994
Topic: Math
Published: 4/28/2014
Author: Ronald F Boisvert
Abstract: This report summarizes the technical work of the Applied and Computational Sciences Division of NIST‰s Information Technology Laboratory. Part I (Overview) provides a high-level overview of the Division‰s activities, including highlights of technica ...

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