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1. On Cascading Failures and Countermeasure based on Energy Storage in the Smart Grid
Topic: Electric Power Metrology
Published: 10/8/2014
Authors: Xing Chen, Wei Yu, David Wesley Griffith, Nada T Golmie, Guobin Xu, Chao Lu
Abstract: Recently, there are growing concerns about smart grid security and resilience. The performance of smart grid may suffer from component failures or targeted attacks. A sophisticated adversary may target critical components in a smart grid, leading ...

2. An Integrated Detection System Against False Data Injection Attacks in the Smart Grid
Topic: Electric Power Metrology
Published: 3/4/2014
Authors: Wei Yu, David Wesley Griffith, Linqiang Ge, Sulabh Bhattarai, Nada T Golmie
Abstract: The smart grid is a new type of power grid that will use the advanced communication network technologies to support more efficient energy transmission and distribution. The grid infrastructure was designed for reliability; but security, especiall ...

3. Evaluation of Energy Consumption Rating Methods for Thermoelectric Wine Chillers and Compact Refrigerators
Series: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)
Report Number: 7963
Topic: Electric Power Metrology
Published: 10/21/2013
Authors: David A Yashar, Young-Jin Baik
Abstract: Most types of refrigerating appliances are rated according to an established test procedure and their energy use is regulated by the US Department of energy. These products are generally built around a vapor compression system that is used to maintai ...

4. Calibration of a Long-Wavelength Acoustic Flowmeter Using a Lumped Impedance Acoustic Model
Topic: Electric Power Metrology
Published: 8/26/2013
Authors: Lee James Gorny, Keith A Gillis, Michael R Moldover
Abstract: As a part of NIST‰s program to standardize measurements of greenhouse gas emissions, we are developing long-wavelength acoustic flowmeter (LWAF) for accurate, economical measurement of flue gas flows, for example, from coal-burning power plants. A L ...

Topic: Electric Power Metrology
Published: 4/15/2013
Authors: Christophe Martinsons, Yuqin Zong, Carl C Miller, Yoshihiro Ohno
Abstract: Specific issues appear in the measurement of the electrical power of AC-powered LED lamps and luminaires because they often generate harmonic currents in a wide frequency range. The topic of this paper is to clarify the impact of these harmonic curre ...

6. Testing Phasor Measurement Units Using IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol
Topic: Electric Power Metrology
Published: 7/1/2012
Authors: Julien Marc Amelot, Gerard Stenbakken
Abstract: As the electric power grid is changing to a smarter more dynamically controlled system, there is increasing need for measurements that show the global status of the system for wide-area monitoring and control. These measurements require time synchron ...

7. Performance of Hybrid 4.5kV SiC JBS Freewheeling Diode and Si IGBT
Topic: Electric Power Metrology
Published: 9/16/2011
Authors: Karl Hobart, Eugene Imhoff, F. J. Kub, Allen R Hefner Jr., Tam Hoang Duong, Jose Miguel Ortiz, Sei-Hyung Ryu, David Grider, Scott G Leslie, Jerry Sherbondy, B Ray

8. Comparison of Au-In Transient Liquid Phase Bonding Designs for SiC Power Semiconductor Device Packaging
Topic: Electric Power Metrology
Published: 7/18/2011
Authors: Brian Joseph Grummel, Z. John Shen, Allen R Hefner Jr.
Abstract: Transient liquid phase (TLP) bonding is an advanced die-attach technique for wide-bandgap power semiconductor and high-temperature packaging. TLP bonding advances current soldering techniques by raising the melting point to over 500 °C without detrim ...

9. Electro-thermal-mechanical Simulation and Reliability for Plug-in Vehicle Converters and Inverters
Topic: Electric Power Metrology
Published: 2/24/2011
Author: Allen R Hefner Jr.

10. Smart Grid Integration of Renewables, Storage, and Plug-in Vehicles
Topic: Electric Power Metrology
Published: 10/6/2010
Author: Allen R Hefner Jr.

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