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1. Temperature-dependent structure of Tb-doped magnetite nanoparticles
Published: 2/13/2015
Authors: Katherine P. Rice, Stephen E Russek, Roy H. Geiss, Justin M Shaw, Robert J. Usselman, Eric Raymond Evarts, Thomas J Silva, Hans Toya Nembach, Elke Arenholz, Yves U. Idzerda
Abstract: High quality 5 nm cubic Tb-doped magnetite nanoparticles have been synthesized by a modified wet-chemical method to investigate tailoring of magnetic properties for imaging and biomedical applications. We show that the Tb is incorporated into the oct ...

2. ATMP-Stabilized Iron Nanoparticles: Chelator-Controlled Nanoparticle Synthesis
Published: 11/1/2014
Authors: Lauren F. Greenlee, Nikki S Rentz, Roy H. Geiss
Abstract: Iron nanoparticles are of interest in fields such as water treatment and alternative energy due to their reactive properties and low cost. When combined with other metals, iron-metal nanoparticles can act as catalysts for a diverse set of reacti ...

3. Characterization of InGaN quantum disks in GaN nanowires
Published: 3/4/2014
Authors: Alexana Roshko, Roy H. Geiss, John B. Schlager, Matthew David Brubaker, Kristine A Bertness, Norman A Sanford, Todd E Harvey
Abstract: Catalyst-free GaN nanowires with InGaN quantum disks (QDs) were characterized by scanning/transmission elec-tron microscopy (S/TEM) and photoluminescence. A va-riety of structures, from QDs with large strain fields to apparently strain free QDs were ...

4. Transmission EBSD in the Scanning Electron Microscope
Published: 5/1/2013
Authors: Roy H. Geiss, Katherine P. Rice, Robert R Keller
Abstract: A new method for obtaining Kikuchi diffraction patterns from thin specimens in transmission has been developed for use in the SEM, scanning electron microscope, using a conventional electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) detector and with a slight m ...

5. Transmission EBSD-Like Patterns in the SEM for Nanoparticle and Ultrathin Film Analysis
Published: 3/1/2012
Authors: Robert R Keller, Roy H. Geiss
Abstract: We describe a new high-resolution scanning electron microscope method for measuring crystallographic information in nanoparticles and ultrathin films with dimensions down to 10 nm, through use of an electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) detector. B ...

6. Effects of barrier composition and electroplating chemistry on adhesion and voiding in copper/dielectric diffusion barrier films
Published: 8/15/2011
Authors: Ryan Paul Birringer, Roey Shaviv, Roy H. Geiss, David Thomas Read, Reinhold Dauskardt
Abstract: The effects of electroplating chemistry and dielectric diffusion barrier composition on Cu voiding and barrier adhesion are reported. Adhesion was quantified using the four-point bend thin film adhesion technique, and voiding in the Cu films was q ...

7. In-Situ Measurement of Atomic Force Microscope Tip Wear by Contact Resonance Force Microscopy
Published: 3/15/2011
Authors: Jason Philip Killgore, Roy H. Geiss, Donna C. Hurley
Abstract: Contact resonance force microscopy (CR-FM) mapping provides a means of continuously tracking contact stiffness while scanning an AFM tip in contact with a substrate. Because the contact stiffness is a function of contact radius, tip wear leading to ...

8. Methods for TEM analysis of NIST‰s SWCNT SRM
Published: 3/25/2010
Authors: Roy H. Geiss, Elisabeth Mansfield, Jeffrey A Fagan
Abstract: The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is developing a series of single-walled carbon nanotube, SWCNT, reference materials, RMs, to provide researchers with well characterized materials for their applications. The SWCNT reference m ...

9. Resistivity Dominated by Surface Scattering in Sub-50 nm Cu Wires
Published: 1/25/2010
Authors: Rebekah L. Graham, Glenn Alers, Thomas Mountsier, N. Shamma, S. Dhuey, R. H. Cabrini, Roy H. Geiss, David Thomas Read, S. Peddeti
Abstract: The electron scattering mechanisms in sub-50nm copper lines were investigated to understand the extendibility of copper interconnects when the line width or thickness is less than the mean free path. Electron-beam lithography and a dual hardmask a ...

10. Elastic constants and dimensions of imprinted polymeric nanolines determined from Brillouin light scattering
Published: 1/18/2010
Authors: Ward L Johnson, Sudook A. Kim, Roy H. Geiss, Colm Flannery, Paul R Heyliger, Christopher L Soles, Wen-Li Wu, Chengqing C. Wang, Christopher M Stafford, B D. Vogt
Abstract: Elastic constants and cross-sectional dimensions of imprinted nanolines of poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) on silicon are determined nondestructively from finite-element inversion analysis of dispersion curves of hypersonic acoustic modes of these ...

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