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1. Measurements and Standards for Bulk-Explosive Detection
Published: 5/31/2012
Authors: Lawrence T Hudson, Fred B Bateman, Paul Mark Bergstrom, Frank Cerra, Jack Leigh Glover, Ronaldo Minniti, Stephen Michael Seltzer, Ronald E Tosh
Abstract: Due to the ease of assembly and leveraged disruptive effect, the improvised explosive device (IED) is the method of choice of today‰s terrorist. With more than ten thousand IED incidents annually, and global expenditures for aviation and commercial s ...

2. In God We Trust, X-Ray Everything Else! Standards for X-Ray and Gamma-Ray Security Screening Systems
Published: 10/31/2007
Authors: Lawrence T Hudson, Stephen Michael Seltzer, Paul Mark Bergstrom, Frank Cerra
Abstract: A suite of technical performance standards is nearing completion that encompasses all the nation s security systems that screen using x-rays or gamma-rays. Specifically, these documentary standards address the aspects of imaging quality and radiation ...

3. Irradiation Decontamination of Postal Mail and High-Risk Luggage, ed. by L.G. Gazs {?} and C.C. Ponta
Published: 1/1/2005
Authors: Marc F Desrosiers, Bert M Coursey, Stephen Michael Seltzer, Lawrence T Hudson, Paul Mark Bergstrom, Fred B Bateman, James M Puhl, S L Cooper, D J Alderson, G B Knudson, T B Elliott, M O Shoemaker, S D Miller, J Dunlop

4. Compton Scattering Cross-Sections for Individual Subshells for a Few Elements of Biological Interest in the Energy Region 5 keV - 10 MeV
Published: 1/1/2004
Authors: D V Rao, Stephen Michael Seltzer, Paul Mark Bergstrom

5. Chunk of Graphite in a Co-60 Field and Slab of Paper in an Electron Beam: Typical Applications of Atomic Physics
Published: 8/1/2003
Author: Paul Mark Bergstrom
Abstract: When the atomic physicist measures or computes, application of their results may not be immediately obvious. However, atomic data form the basis of many mature and developing applications. Two of these applications andtheir dependence on data are re ...

6. Chunk of Graphite in a Co-60 field and Slab of Paper in an Electron Beam: Typical Applications of Atomic Physics, ed. by J.L. Duggan and I.L. Morgan
Published: 1/1/2003
Author: Paul Mark Bergstrom

7. The Use of Atomic Data in Applications Involving Ionizing Radiation, ed. by David R. Schultz, Predrag S. Krstic and Fay Ownby
Published: 1/1/2003
Author: Paul Mark Bergstrom

8. NIST Accelerator Facilities and Programs in Support of Industrial Radiation Research
Published: 1/1/2002
Authors: Fred B Bateman, Marc F Desrosiers, Lawrence T Hudson, Bert M Coursey, Paul Mark Bergstrom, Stephen Michael Seltzer

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