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1. Development of a Chemically Relevant Artificial Fingerprint Material
Published: 9/16/2015
Authors: Edward Ryan Sisco, Jessica L Staymates, Katherine Schilling, John G Gillen
Abstract: The development of a chemically relevant artificial fingerprint material as well as a preliminary method for fingerprint deposition is discussed herein. More specifically the improvement of an artificial sweat material, an artificial sebaceous mater ...

2. Method for combined biometric and chemical analysis of human fingerprints
Published: 6/2/2014
Authors: Jessica L Staymates, Shahram Orandi, Matthew E Staymates, John G Gillen
Abstract: This paper describes a method for combining direct chemical analysis of latent fingerprints with subsequent biometric analysis within a single sample. The method described here uses ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) as a chemical detection method for e ...

3. A streamlined, high-volume particle impactor for trace chemical analysis
Published: 8/1/2013
Authors: Matthew E Staymates, Jessica L Staymates, Jerold Bottiger, Deborah Schepers
Abstract: The design and characterization of a streamlined, high-volume particle impactor used for trace chemical analysis is presented. The impactor has a single round jet and is designed to operate at a flow rate of 1000 LPM. Computational fluid dynamics was ...

4. Chemically Modifiable Fluorinated Copolymer Nanoparticles for 19F MRI Contrast Enhancement
Published: 12/27/2012
Authors: Jessica L Staymates, Mark M. Bailey, Steven R Kline, Michael D. Anderson, Cory Berkland
Abstract: Recently there has been interest in developing imaging contrast media for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) that contain biologically rare, magnetically active nuclei such as fluorine. In principle, fluorinated contrast agents can be used to generate ...

5. Evaluation of a drop-on-demand micro-dispensing system for development of artificial fingerprints
Published: 12/7/2012
Authors: Jessica L Staymates, Matthew E Staymates, John G Gillen
Abstract: Precision micro-dispensing is a growing technique that has many applications in the scientific and additive manufacturing communities. Piezoelectric inkjet printing is capable of accurately dispensing exceedingly small volumes of low-viscosity soluti ...

6. Fabrication of Adhesive Collection swabs for Improved Swipe-Based Particle Collection Efficiency
Published: 9/2/2011
Authors: Jessica L Staymates, Jessica M Grandner, John G Gillen
Abstract: A technique was developed to improve the particle collection efficiency of commercially-available collection swabs. Improving the particle collection efficiency can provide a better chance of detection when screening for trace explosives particles. A ...

7. Reliability of Ion Mobility Spectrometry for Qualitative Analysis of Complex, Multicomponent Illicit Drug Samples
Published: 3/20/2011
Authors: Jennifer R Verkouteren, Jessica L Staymates
Abstract: Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) has been used for trace analysis of illicit drugs, but it can also provide reliable qualitative analysis of bulk forensic drug items, despite the complexity of these samples. The drug/drug and drug/excipient combinati ...

8. Production and Characterization of Polymer Microspheres Containing Trace Explosives Using Precision Particle Fabrication Technology
Report Number: 902104
Published: 8/2/2010
Authors: Matthew E Staymates, Robert A Fletcher, Jessica L Staymates, John G Gillen, Cory Berkland
Abstract: Well characterized test materials are essential for validating the performance of current trace explosive detection systems. These test materials must replicate trace explosive contamination in the form of small particles with characteristic diameter ...

9. The Use of Gelatin-Based Samples for Verification of Trace Contraband Vapor Detectors
Published: 7/25/2010
Authors: Jessica L Staymates, John G Gillen
Abstract: This work describes a method to produce inexpensive and field deployable samples that can be used to verify the working condition of trace contraband vapor detectors such as ion mobility spectrometers (IMS). With such instruments, including chemical ...

10. Automated Mapping of Explosives Particles in Composition C-4 Fingerprints
Published: 3/1/2010
Authors: Jennifer R Verkouteren, Jessica L Staymates, Inho Cho
Abstract: A method is described to perform automated mapping of RDX particles in C-4 fingerprints. The method employs polarized light microscopy and image analysis to map the entire fingerprint and the distribution of RDX particles. The approach is relativel ...

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