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1. Parametric uncertainty in nanoscale optical dimensional measurements
Published: 6/10/2012
Authors: James Edward Potzick, Egon Marx
Abstract: Image modeling establishes the relation between an object and its image when an optical microscope is used to measure the dimensions of an object of size comparable to the illumination wavelength. It accounts for the influence of all of the paramete ...

2. Computational Parameters in Simulation of Microscope Images
Published: 11/28/2008
Authors: Egon Marx, James Edward Potzick
Abstract: The simulation of microscope images computed from scattered fields determined using integral equations depend on a number of parameters that are not related to the scatterer or to the microscope but are choices made for the computation method. The ...

3. Integral Equations for 3-D Scattering: Finite Strip on a Substrate
Published: 11/28/2008
Author: Egon Marx
Abstract: Singular integral equations that determine the exact fields scattered by a dielectric or conducting finite strip on a substrate are presented. The computation of the image of such a scatterer from these fields by Fourier optics methods is also shown ...

4. Extending the Limits of Image-Based Optical Metrology
Published: 6/20/2007
Authors: Richard M Silver, Bryan M Barnes, Ravikiran Attota, Jay Shi Jun, Michael T. Stocker, Egon Marx, Heather J Patrick
Abstract: We have developed a set of techniques, referred to as scatterfield microscopy, in which the illumination is engineered in combination with appropriately designed metrology targets. Previously we reported results from samples with sub-50 nm sized fea ...

5. Model-Based Analysis of the Limits of Optical Metrology With Experimental Comparisons
Published: 6/18/2007
Authors: Richard M Silver, Ravikiran Attota, Egon Marx
Abstract: This paper presents a summary and analysis of a study on optical modeling for critical dimension metrology. The paper is focused on two primary elements: 1) the comparison, stability, and validity of multiple electromagnetic scattering models and 2) ...

6. Accuracy in Optical Image Modeling
Published: 2/26/2007
Authors: James Edward Potzick, Egon Marx, M P Davidson
Abstract: Wafer exposure process simulation and optical photomask feature metrology both rely on optical image modeling for accurate results. The best way to gauge the accuracy of an imaging model is to compare the model results with an actual image. Modeling ...

7. Fundamental Limits of Optical Critical Dimension Metrology: A Simulation Study
Published: 1/1/2007
Authors: Richard M Silver, Thomas Avery Germer, Ravikiran Attota, Bryan M Barnes, B Bunday, J Allgair, Egon Marx, Jay Shi Jun
Abstract: This paper is a comprehensive summary and analysis of a SEMATECH funded project to study the limits of optical critical dimension scatterometry.  The project was focused on two primary elements: 1) the comparison, stability, and validity of indu ...

8. Images of Strips On and Trenches In Substrates
Published: 1/1/2007
Author: Egon Marx
Abstract: The computation of images of lines or strips on a substrate and trenches in a substrate or a layer above a substrate, all made of dielectric or absorbing materials, using integral equations equivalent to Maxwell's equations and using Fourier opti ...

9. Parametric Uncertainty in Optical Image Modeling
Published: 9/18/2006
Authors: James Edward Potzick, Egon Marx, M P Davidson
Abstract: Optical photomask feature metrology and wafer exposure process simulation both rely on optical image modeling for accurate results. While it is fair to question the accuracies of the available models, model results also depend on several input parame ...

10. Simulations of Optical Microscope Images
Published: 7/3/2006
Authors: Thomas Avery Germer, Egon Marx
Abstract: The resolution of an optical microscope is limited by the optical wavelengths used. However, there is no fundamental limit to the sensitivity of a microscope to small differences in any of a feature's dimensions. That is, those limits are determine ...

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