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51. Optical Characterization of Materials and Devices for the Semiconductor Industry: Trends and Needs
Published: 12/31/1995
Authors: S. Perkowitz, David G Seiler, W M Bullis

52. Optical Properties of Semiconductors
Published: 12/31/1994
Authors: Paul M. Amirtharaj, David G Seiler

53. Optical Properties of Semiconductors
Published: 10/19/2009
Authors: David G Seiler, Stefan Zollner, Alain C. Diebold, Paul Amirtharaj
Abstract: Rapid advances in semiconductor manufacturing and associated technologies have increased the need for optical characterization techniques for materials analysis and in-situ monitoring/control applications. Optical measurements have many unique and at ...

54. Orbital and Spin Anisotropy of Conduction Electrons in InSb
Published: 12/31/1990
Authors: Chris L. Littler, I. T. Yoon, X. N. Song, W. Zawadzki, P. Pfeffer, David G Seiler

55. Phonon-Assisted Magneto-Donor Optical Transitions in n-InSb
Published: 3/1/1990
Authors: Chris L. Littler, W. Zawadzki, M. R. Loloee, X. N. Song, David G Seiler

56. Photoexcited Hot Electron Relaxation Processes in n-HgCdTe Through Impact Ionization Into Traps, Physics and Chemistry of Mercury Cadmium Telluride and Novel IR Detector Materials
Published: 6/1/1991
Authors: David G Seiler, J R. Lowney, Chris L. Littler, I. T. Yoon, M. R. Loloee

57. Physics Careers in Government Agencies
Published: 3/14/2010
Author: David G Seiler

58. Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Materials and Process Characterization for VLSI
Published: 12/1/1997
Authors: X. F. Zong, David G Seiler, L. G. Song

59. Quantum Conductance Fluctuations in a New Size-Scale Regime
Published: 5/5/1996
Authors: Curt A Richter, David G Seiler, Joseph G. Pellegrino

60. RII Spectroscopy of Trap Levels in Bulk and LPE Hg^d1-x^CdxTe
Published: 12/31/1993
Authors: Chris L. Littler, X. N. Song, Z. Yu, J. L. Elkind, J R. Lowney, David G Seiler

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