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31. Rectangular-Waveguide Vector-Network-Analyzer Calibrations With Imperfect Test Ports
Published: 11/30/2010
Author: Dylan F Williams
Abstract: We present a strategy for correcting for imperfect interfaces between the test ports of a vector network analyzer, the calibration standards and the devices under test. This corrects for the inconsistencies in calibrations introduced by using flush t ...

32. Multi-Frequency Approach to Vector-Network-Analyzer Scattering-Parameter Measurements
Published: 9/28/2010
Authors: Arkadiusz C. Lewandowski, Dylan F Williams, Wojciech Wiatr
Abstract: We present a multi-frequency approach to vector-network-analyzer scattering-parameter measurements. This novel approach accounts for the relationships between the measurements at different frequencies, and thus breaks with the traditional paradigm t ...

33. Use of Electronic Calibration Units for Vector-Network-Analyzer Verification
Published: 7/30/2010
Authors: Dylan F Williams, Arkadiusz C. Lewandowski, Denis X. LeGolvan, Ronald A Ginley, Chih-Ming Wang, Jolene D Splett
Abstract: We present measurements indicating that electronic calibration units are stable enough to be used in place of mechanical vector-network-analyzer verification artifacts. This enables a new fully automated approach to verifying microwave vector-network ...

34. A New Electronic Verification Method for Vector Network Analyzers
Published: 6/13/2010
Authors: Ronald A Ginley, Dylan F Williams, Denis X. LeGolvan
Abstract: The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has recently introduced a new method for the verification of Vector Network Analyzers (VNAs). The technique is based on the new electronic calibration units that are available from several ma ...

35. Covariance-Based Vector-Network-Analyzer Uncertainty Analysis for Time- and Frequency-Domain Measurements
Published: 6/10/2010
Authors: Arkadiusz C. Lewandowski, Dylan F Williams, Paul D Hale, Chih-Ming Wang, Andrew M Dienstfrey
Abstract: We develop a covariance-matrix-based uncertainty analysis for vector-network-analyzer scattering-parameter measurements. The covariance matrix captures all of the measurement uncertainties and statistical correlations between them. This allows the un ...

36. Identifying RF Identification Cards from Measurements of Resonance and Carrier Harmonics
Published: 5/27/2010
Authors: Henry Romero, Catherine A Remley, Dylan F Williams, Chih-Ming Wang, Timothy X. Brown
Abstract: We show that careful measurements of the unloaded resonant frequency and quality factor of radio frequency identification proximity cards allow identification of different card models and, for the set of cards we studied, identification with mini ...

37. Electro-optic sampling for traceable high-speed electrical measurements
Published: 5/23/2010
Authors: Paul D Hale, Dylan F Williams
Abstract: We will describe how the complex frequency response of a high-speed photodiode is calibrated by use of electro-optic sampling. Our uncertainty analysis includes a unique covariance-matrix based method that allows us to transform uncertainties between ...

38. Measurement Bandwidth Extension Using Multisine Signals: Propagation of Error
Published: 2/6/2010
Authors: Catherine A Remley, Dominique Schreurs, M. Myslinski, Dylan F Williams
Abstract: We describe a post-processing technique that can extend the effective measurement bandwidth of narrowband vector receivers by phase aligning overlapping measurements. The method requires only knowledge of the desired phases of a periodic, multisine e ...

39. Comparison of Large-Signal-Network-Analyzer Calibrations
Published: 2/5/2010
Authors: Dylan F Williams, Catherine A Remley, Joe Gering, Grand Aivazian
Abstract: We develop a procedure and metrics for comparing large-signal-network-analyzer calibrations. The metrics we develop provide a bound on differences between measurements obtained from large-signal-network-analyzer calibrations, as well as more specific ...

40. From the Editor's Desk: The Impact Factor and How it Impacts You
Published: 2/1/2010
Authors: Dylan F Williams, Catherine A Remley
Abstract: We discuss the impact factor and other metrics for rating publications in the microwave field

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