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11. Traceable Temperature Calibrations of Radiation Thermometers for Rapid Thermal Processing
Published: 11/1/2005
Author: Benjamin K Tsai
Abstract: Lightpipe radiation thermometers (LPRTs) have been successfully calibrated at NIST for rapid thermal processing (RTP) applications using a sodium heat-pipe blackbody (Na-HPBB) between 700 C and 900 C with an uncertainty of about 0.3 C (k = 1) trac ...

12. Calibration of a Low Temperature Cable-Less Lightpipe Pyrometer on the NIST Post-Exposure Bake Test Bed
Published: 10/5/2005
Authors: Benjamin K Tsai, Kenneth Gruber Kreider, William Andrew Kimes
Abstract: The advent of the cable-less lightpipe radiation thermometer (CLRT) has resulted in a significant improvement in the accuracy of lightpipe radiation thermometer calibrations and measurements. CLRT systems show great promise in noncontact measurement ...

13. Infrared Emittance Measurements at NIST
Published: 10/5/2005
Authors: Leonard M Hanssen, Benjamin K Tsai, Sergey Mekhontsev
Abstract: A new capability for the measurement of the temperature-dependent emittance of specular samples in the near infrared spectral region has been developed in NIST s Infrared Spectrophotometry Laboratory to provide emittance measurements and standards fo ...

14. Emittance standards for improved radiation thermometry during thermal processing of silicon materials, ed. by D. Zvizdic
Published: 1/1/2005
Authors: Benjamin K Tsai, D P DeWitt, E A. Early, Leonard M Hanssen, Sergey Mekhontsev, Matthias Rink, K G Kreider, B J Lee, Z M Zhang

15. Modeling Radiative Properties of Silicon with Coatings and Comparison with Reflectance Measurements
Published: 1/1/2005
Authors: D P DeWitt, E A. Early, B J Lee, Benjamin K Tsai, Z M Zhang

16. In Situ Calibration of Lightpipe Radiometers in Rapid Thermal Processing Between 300 C to 700 C
Published: 9/15/2004
Authors: William Andrew Kimes, Kenneth Gruber Kreider, Dean C Ripple, Benjamin K Tsai
Abstract: Many Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP) tools are currently monitored and controlled with lightpipe radiometers (LPRTs), which have been limited to measuring temperatures above 500 C because of the low signal level below 500 C. New commercial LPRTs co ...

17. Emissivity Compensated Pyrometry for Specular Silicon Surfaces on the NIST RTP Test Bed
Published: 9/1/2004
Authors: Benjamin K Tsai, J Bodycomb, D P DeWitt, Kenneth Gruber Kreider, William Andrew Kimes

18. Comparison of an Oil-Bath Blackbody to a Water-Bath Blackbody Using the NIST TXR
Published: 6/22/2004
Authors: Benjamin K Tsai, Joseph Paul Rice

19. Emittance Standards for Improved Radiation Thermometry During Thermal Processing of Silicon Materials
Published: 6/22/2004
Authors: Benjamin K Tsai, D P DeWitt, E A. Early, Leonard M Hanssen, Sergey Mekhontsev, Matthias Rink, Kenneth Gruber Kreider, B J Lee, Zhuomin Zhang

20. NIST Measurement Services: Heat Flux Sensor Calibration
Series: Special Publication (NIST SP)
Published: 5/31/2004
Authors: Benjamin K Tsai, Charles E Gibson, S. E. Nagler, D P DeWitt, Robert D. Saunders

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