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31. Implementing Electronic Materials Data Exchange
Published: 8/18/2005
Authors: Eric D Simmon, Arthur Griesser
Abstract: Adding automation to your materials declaration process will set, simplify, and streamline the materials declaration process. Whether your company is a component supplier, board manufacturer or assembly services company, the structure of how you mana ...

32. Software Interoperability: Enabling New Technologies
Published: 5/19/2005
Authors: John V Messina, Matthew L Aronoff, Eric D Simmon
Abstract: New and potentially disruptive technologies are constantly being introduced into the electronic interconnection industry as companies seek to improve their manufacturing chain and stay competitive. These new technologies do not exist in a vacuum and ...

33. Measuring the Performance of XML-Based Data Standards
Published: 9/23/2004
Authors: Eric D Simmon, Gino Crispieri
Abstract: The semiconductor fabrication plant floor is a constantly changing environment. As equipment and fabrication process complexity increases, larger quantities of data are being generated, transferred and processed. New data encoding standards are being ...

34. Running Out of Time: Improvements Required In Current Semiconductor Factory and Equipment Clock Synchronization for Supporting Future Real-Time Data Collection
Published: 9/23/2004
Authors: YaShian Li-Baboud, Brad Van Eck, Eric D Simmon
Abstract: Increasing wafer sizes, decreasing critical dimensions, and new material introduction all challenge higher initial yield, lower manufacturing costs, and time to market demands. Among the key issues driving the challenges are monitoring and maintainin ...

35. Users' Guide to the NIST-High-Voltage Capacitance Ratio Bridge
Series: Technical Note (NIST TN)
Report Number: 1442
Published: 3/28/2001
Authors: Eric D Simmon, Gerald J FitzPatrick, O. Petersons
Abstract: This TechNote has been written as a guide to the operation of and applications for the NIST Capacitor Ratio Bridge (CRB). The theory, design, and operating principles of the CRB, sources of measurement error, and principal applications are discusse ...

36. Calibration of Dissipation Factor Standards
Published: 4/1/1999
Authors: Eric D Simmon, Gerald J FitzPatrick, O. Petersons
Abstract: Working standards for dissipation factor (D) standards obtained by connecting a shielded three-terminal capacitor in series with a shielded precision resistor have been developed for calibration purposes. Precision conductance boxes have been built ...

37. Calibration of Dissipation Factor Standards
Published: 7/1/1998
Authors: Eric D Simmon, Gerald J FitzPatrick, O. Petersons
Abstract: Dissipation factor (D) standards obtained by connecting a shielded three-terminal capacitor in series with a shielded resistor have been developed for calibration purposes. An analysis of these DF Standards, including precautions in their constructi ...

38. Evaluation of High-Voltage Impulse Waveforms Using Model-Based Deconvolution
Published: 6/1/1998
Authors: Gerald J FitzPatrick, Eric D Simmon, J. Lagnese
Abstract: Accurate measurement of high voltage (hv) impulse waveforms is of critical importance in the testing of hv apparatus and for fundamental insulation studies. Quantifying the measurement system errors can be performed by following procedures recommend ...

39. An Active High-Voltage Divider with 20 ?V/V Uncertainty
Published: 4/1/1997
Authors: O. Petersons, Gerald J FitzPatrick, Eric D Simmon

40. An Active High Voltage Divider with 20-PPM Uncertainty
Published: 6/1/1996
Authors: O. Petersons, Eric D Simmon, Gerald J FitzPatrick

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