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31. Li 1s Near-Edge Spectra in Six Lithium Halides
Published: 7/1/2004
Author: Eric L Shirley
Abstract: Theoretical results are presented for Li 1s near-edge absorption spectra in LiH, LiF, LiCl, LiBr, LiI and LiAt. These results are obtained using a realistic band structure and wave functions, and include effects of the electron-core hole attraction ...

32. Diffraction Effects on Broadband Radiation: Formulation for Computing Total Irradiance
Published: 5/1/2004
Author: Eric L Shirley
Abstract: We present a formulation for treating diffraction effects on total irradiance in the case of a Planck source, whereas earlier work generally depended on calculating diffraction effects on spectral irradiance followed by summation over spectral compon ...

33. Ionic Displacement Correlations From the Zero-Point Motion of Pressurized Solid Argon
Published: 5/1/2004
Authors: H M Lawler, E K Chang, Eric L Shirley
Abstract: We have performed first principles calculations of the elastic constants and phonon dispersion for solid argon at pressure ranging from 3.1 GPa to 70 Gpa. We also report our calculations of the spatial correlation function for the ground and its pre ...

34. Ti ls Pre-Edge Features in Rutile: A Bethe-Salpeter Calculation
Published: 5/1/2004
Author: Eric L Shirley
Abstract: This work studies Ti K-edge excitation in rutile TiO2 by considering the x-ray absorption spectrum in a Bethe-Salpeter approach. This work compares resultes obtained by experiment and previous theoretical results obtain within the Anderson impurity m ...

35. Intuitive Diffraction Model for Multistaged Optical Systems
Published: 2/1/2004
Author: Eric L Shirley
Abstract: A simplified framework is motivated, in which many diffraction effects can be treated, especially in multi-staged optical systems. These include effects of limiting apertures, although this work may be especially suitable when considering diffractio ...

36. Anharmonic effects on infrared spectra of GaAs and GaP: First-principles calculations
Published: 1/1/2004
Authors: H M Lawler, Eric L Shirley

37. Diffraction Corrections In Radiometry: Spectral and Total Power, and Asymptotic Properties
Published: 1/1/2004
Author: Eric L Shirley

38. Diffraction Effects on Broadband Radiation: Formulation For Computing Total Irradiance
Published: 1/1/2004
Author: Eric L Shirley

39. Effect of Coupling of Forward- and Backward-Going Electron-Hole Pairs on the Static Local-Field Factor of Jellium
Published: 1/1/2004
Authors: A Tsolakidis, Eric L Shirley, R M Martin

40. Effect of the Coupling of the Forward- and Backward-Going Electron-Hole Pairs on the Static Local Field-Factor of Jellium
Published: 1/1/2004
Authors: A Tsolakidis, Eric L Shirley, R M Martin
Abstract: We investigate the effect of the coupling of the forward- and backward-going electron-hole pairs on the static local-field factor of jellium with and without a gap. We calculate the static local-field factor for the two types of jellium as a functio ...

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