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21. Virial Equation of State of Helium, Xenon, and Helium Xenon Mixtures from Speed-of-Sound and Burnett P{rho}T Measurements
Published: 5/1/1997
Authors: John J. Hurly, James W Schmidt, S J. Boyes, Michael R Moldover

22. CCM Key Comparison in the Pressure Range 0.05 MPa to 1 MPa (Gas Medium, Gauge Mode) - Phase A1: Dimensional Measurements and Calculation of Effective Area
Published: Date unknown
Authors: G F Molinar, B Rebaglia, A Sacconi, J C Legras, G P Vailleau, James W Schmidt, John Richard Stoup, D R Flack, W Sabuga, O Jusko
Abstract: The results obtained by five laboratories in the determination of the effective areas of two gas-operated 10 cm^u2^ piston-cylinder assemblies from dimensional measurements carried out as part, called phase A1, of a key comparison in the pressure ran ...

23. CCM Key Comparison in the Pressure Range 50 kPa to 1000 kPa (gas medium, gauge mode) - Phase A2: Pressure Measurements
Published: Date unknown
Authors: J Jaeger, J C Legras, G F Molinar, James W Schmidt
Abstract: As a part of a wide CCM key comparison, this report gives the results of a comparison of pressure measurements in the range of gauge pressure 0,05 MPa to 1 MPa. The two transfer standards used were pressure balances equipped with large (10 cm^u2^) ef ...

24. Measuring collected gas with microwave and acoustic resonances
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Keith A Gillis, James W Schmidt, Michael R Moldover, James B. Mehl
Abstract: With calibrations of large flow meters in mind, we established the feasibility of determining the mass {I}M{/I} of argon gas contained within a 0.3 m^u3^ commercially manufactured pressure vessel ("tank") with a relative standard uncertainty of {I}u{ ...

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