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121. Influence of a Water Rinse on the Structure and Properties of poly(3,4-ethylene dioxythiophene):poly(styrene sulfonate) Films
Published: 11/22/2005
Authors: D M. DeLongehamp, B D. Vogt, C M. Brooks, K Kano, J Obrzut, Curt A Richter, Oleg A Kirillov, E K. Lin

122. Variations in Semiconducting Polymer Microstructure and Hole Mobility With Spin-Coating Speed
Published: 11/15/2005
Authors: Dean M DeLongchamp, Brandon M. Vogel, Youngsuk Jung, Curt A Richter, Oleg A Kirillov, Jan Obrzut, Daniel A Fischer, S Sambasivan, Marc Gurau, Lee J Richter, Eric K Lin
Abstract: Organic semiconductors permit low-cost processing methods such as spin-coating, dip coating, or ink-jet printing onto flexible substrates. However, the performance of these materials in devices is difficult to control and new processing methods can ...

123. Variations in Semiconducting Polymer Microstructure and Hole Mobility with Spin-Coating Speed
Published: 11/15/2005
Authors: Dean M. DeLongchamp, B M. Vogel, Y Jung, M C. Gurau, Curt A Richter, Oleg A Kirillov, J Obrzut, D A. Fischer, Sharadha Sambasivan, Lee J Richter, E K. Lin

124. IR Spectroscopic Characterization of the Buried Metal Interface of Metal-Molecule-Silicon Vertical Diodes
Published: 9/28/2005
Authors: Christina Ann Hacker, Curt A Richter, Lee J Richter
Abstract: We have developed and utilized p-polarized backside reflection absorption infrared spectroscopy (pb-RAIRS) to examine dielectrics between silicon substrates and metallic overlayers. The technique has been used to investigate oxides, organic layers on ...

125. Silicon Nanowires As Enhancement-mode Schottky-barrier Field-effect Transistors
Published: 6/29/2005
Authors: Sang-Mo Koo, Monica D Edelstein, Qiliang Li, Curt A Richter, Eric M. Vogel
Abstract: Silicon nanowire field-effect transistors (SiNWFETs) have been fabricated with a highly simplified integration scheme to function as Schottky barrier transistors and excellent enhancement-mode characteristics with high on/off current ratio ~107 are d ...

126. Nanometer Gaps in Gold Wires Are Formed By Thermal Migration
Published: 6/7/2005
Authors: Ganesh K. Ramachandran, Monica D Edelstein, David L. Blackburn, John S Suehle, Eric M. Vogel, Curt A Richter
Abstract: The formation of gold wires separated by a few nanometers is reported. Such nanometer separated gaps are formed by ramping, at ambient conditions, a bias voltage across a thin gold wire until the wire breaks or fails. Externally heating the wire does ...

127. Electrical Characterization of Al/AlOx/Molecule/Ti/Al Devices?
Published: 3/11/2005
Authors: Curt A Richter, D R. Stewart, D A. Ohlberg, R. S. Williams
Abstract: We report experimental electrical characterization of Al/AlOx/Molecule/Ti/Al planar crossbar devices incorporating Langmuir-Blodgett organic monolayers of eicosanoic acid, fast-blue or chlorophyll-B. Current-voltage and capacitance-voltage measuremen ...

128. Reverse Short Channel Effects in High-k Gated nMOSFETs
Published: 2/28/2005
Authors: Jin-Ping Han, Sang-Mo Koo, Eric M. Vogel, Evgeni Gusev, C. D'Emic, Curt A Richter, John S Suehle

129. Influence of a Water Rinse on the Structure and Properties of Poly(3,4-ethylene dioxythiophene):Poly(styrene sulfonate) Films
Published: 1/1/2005
Authors: Dean M DeLongchamp, B D. Vogt, C M. Brooks, K Kano, Jan Obrzut, Curt A Richter, Oleg A Kirillov, Eric K Lin

130. High Inversion Current in Silicon Nanowire Field Effect Transistors
Published: 11/30/2004
Authors: Sang-Mo Koo, Jin-Ping Han, Eric M. Vogel, Curt A Richter, J. Vahakangas, Neil M Zimmerman, Akira Fujiwara
Abstract: Silicon nanowire (SiNW) field effect transistors (FETs) with channel widths down to 20 nm have been fabricated by a conventional 'top-down?approach using electron-beam lithography. The SiNW device shows higher inversion channel current density than t ...

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