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1. Detecting leaks in gas-filled pressure vessels using acoustic resonances
Published: 5/6/2016
Authors: Keith A Gillis, Michael R Moldover, James B. Mehl
Abstract: We demonstrate that a leak from a large, unthermostatted pressure vessel into ambient air can be detected an order of magnitude more effectively by measuring the time dependence of the ratio {I}p{/I}/{I}f{/I}^u2^ than by measuring the ratio {I}p{/I}/ ...

2. Acoustic and microwave tests in a cylindrical cavity for acoustic gas thermometry at high temperature
Published: 2/22/2016
Authors: K. Zhang, X.J. Feng, Keith A Gillis, Michael R Moldover, Jintao Zhang, Hong Lin, Jifeng Qu
Abstract: Relative primary acoustic gas thermometry determines the ratios of thermodynamic temperatures from measured ratios of acoustic and microwave resonance frequencies in a gas-filled metal cavity on isotherms of interest. When measured in a cavity with k ...

3. Advances in Thermometry
Published: 1/1/2016
Authors: Michael R Moldover, Weston Leo Tew, Howard W Yoon
Abstract: The last 25 years have seen tremendous progress in thermometry in the moderate temperature range (1 K to 1235 K). Various primary thermometers , based on different physics ,have uncovered errors in the International Temperature Scale of 1990 and se ...

4. Improving acoustic determinations of the Boltzmann constant with mass spectrometer measurements of the molar mass of argon
Published: 9/30/2015
Authors: Inseok Yang, Laurent Pitre, Michael R Moldover, Jintao Zhang, XiaoJuan Feng, Jin Seog Kim
Abstract: We determined accurate values of ratios among the average molar masses MAr of 9 argon samples using two completely-independent techniques: (1) mass spectroscopy and (2) measured ratios of acoustic resonance frequencies. The two techniques yielded m ...

Published: 9/9/2015
Authors: Michael R Moldover, Roberto M Gavioso, David B Newell
Abstract: We review correlated uncertainties among the accurate determinations of the Boltzmann constant kB that used the techniques of primary acoustic gas thermometry (AGT). We consider uncertainty contributions from four sources: (1) resonator-dependent u ...

6. Test of a virtual cylindrical acoustic resonator for determining the Boltzmann constant
Published: 8/19/2015
Authors: XiaoJuan Feng, Hong Lin, Keith A Gillis, Michael R Moldover, Jintao Zhang
Abstract: We report progress in determining the Boltzmann constant {I}k{/I}^dB^ using a virtual acoustic resonator derived by combining the measured frequencies of the longitudinal acoustic modes of two argon-filled, cylindrical, cavity resonators in such a wa ...

7. Towards implementing the new kelvin: A workshop held at the Kavli Royal Society International Centre, 18-19 May 2015
Published: 6/27/2015
Authors: Graham Machin, Joachim Fischer, Michael R Moldover, John Saunders, Martin Trusler, Rod White
Abstract: none

8. The Redefinition of the SI: Impact on Calibration Services at NIST
Published: 6/1/2015
Authors: Neil M Zimmerman, Jon Robert Pratt, Michael R Moldover, David B Newell, Gregory F Strouse
Abstract: As most readers are probably at least vaguely aware, it is likely that the SI system of units will be redefied in 2018. This redefinition would fundamentally change the logical structure of the SI, with one result being a substantial change in how ma ...

9. Measuring collected gas with microwave and acoustic resonances
Published: 4/23/2015
Authors: Keith A Gillis, James W Schmidt, Michael R Moldover, James B. Mehl
Abstract: With calibrations of large flow meters in mind, we established the feasibility of determining the mass {I}M{/I} of argon gas contained within a 0.3 m^u3^ commercially manufactured pressure vessel ("tank") with a relative standard uncertainty of {I}u{ ...

10. NIST‰s New 3D Airspeed Calibration Rig, Addresses Turbulent Flow Measurement Challenges
Published: 4/14/2015
Authors: Iosif I Shinder, Vladimir Khromchenko, Michael R Moldover
Abstract: Outdoor air flows and flue-gas flows in large conduits and large stacks have significant swirl and turbulence. Accurate measurements of such complex flows are needed by weather services and diverse industries (e.g. automotive, aircraft, wind-power, ...

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