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111. Sputtering Products of Sodium Sulfate: Implications for Io's Surface and for Sodium-Bearing Molecules in the Io torus
Published: 1/1/1997
Authors: R C Wiens, D S Burnett, W F Calaway, C S Hansen, Keith R. Lykke, M J Pellin

112. Surface Mass Spectrometry of Biotinylated Self-assembled Monolayers
Published: 1/1/1997
Authors: J L Trevor, D E Mencer, Keith R. Lykke, M J Pellin, L Hanley

113. Absolute Flux Calibrations of Stars
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Gerald T Fraser, Steven W Brown, Howard W Yoon, Bettye C Johnson, Keith R. Lykke
Abstract: Absolute stellar photometry is based on 1970s terrestrial measurements of the star Vega referenced against the Cu fixed-point blackbody. Significant advances in absolute radiometry have been made in the last 30 years that offer the potential to impro ...

114. Characterization of UV-Induced Radiation Damage to Si-based Photodiodes
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Keith R. Lykke, Ping-Shine Shaw, J L Dehmer, R Gupta
Abstract: We have made direct measurements of the internal quantum efficiency and the reflectivity of UV-damaged silicon photodiodes in the spectral range of 120 nm to 320 nm. The above qualities, coupled with absolute spectral responsivities, give unique inf ...

115. Compact Anamorphic Imaging Spectrometer
Published: Date unknown
Authors: P Maciejewski, K Barnard, Rand Swanson, Michael Kehoe, C Smith, Thomas Moon, Robert R. Bousquet, Steven W Brown, Keith R. Lykke
Abstract: Deployment of compact hyperspectral imaging sensors on small UAVs has the potential of providing a cost-effective solution for rapid-response target detection and cueing based on time-critical spectral information collected at low altitudes. To addre ...

116. Development of a Monochromatic Uniform Source Facility for Calibration of Radiance and Irradiance Detectors from 0.2 um to 12 um
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Keith R. Lykke, Ping-Shine Shaw, Leonard M Hanssen, George P Eppeldauer
Abstract: A radiometric source facility is being constructed with narrow-band, widely tunable lasers from {difference} 200nm to 12 um. The output will be highly uniform and monochromatic. This facility will be used to make a wide variety of radiometric measu ...

117. Spectral Irradiance Responsivity Measurements Between 1mu m and 5 mu m
Published: Date unknown
Authors: George P Eppeldauer, Joseph Paul Rice, Jun Zhang, Keith R. Lykke

118. System-Level Pre-Launch Calibration of Onboard Solar Diffusers
Published: Date unknown
Authors: R Barnes, Steven W Brown, Keith R. Lykke, Gerald T Fraser, James J. Butler
Abstract: Onboard diffuse reflecting plaques are carried to orbit as radiometric reference standards for Earth-observing satellite instruments. For many instruments the reflectance properties of the plaque are characterized independent of the instrument, and ...

119. Temperature Determination of the Ag-and Au-Freezing Points Using a Detector-Based Radiation Thermometer
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Howard W Yoon, David W Allen, Charles E Gibson, Maritoni Abatayo Litorja, Robert D. Saunders, Steven W Brown, George P Eppeldauer, Keith R. Lykke

120. Temperature Scales Using Radiation Thermometers Calibratied From Absolute Irradiance and Radiance Responsivity
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Howard W Yoon, David W Allen, Charles E Gibson, Robert D. Saunders, Bettye C Johnson, Steven W Brown, Keith R. Lykke
Abstract: In the International Temperature Scale of 1990 (ITS-90), temperatures above the freezing temperature of silver are defined with radiation thermometers calibrated using spectral radiance ratios to one of the silver-, gold- or copper-freezing temperatu ...

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