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11. Brillouin light scattering from pumped uniform-precession and low-k magnons in Ni81Fe19
Published: 3/4/2005
Authors: Ward L Johnson, Sudook A. Kim, Stephen E Russek, Pavel Kabos
Abstract: A method is presented for performing Brillouin-light-scattering measurements on uniform-precession and low-wave-number (Iow-k) magnons excited by a microwave magnetic field in opaque magnetic specimens. The optical configuration is similar to that e ...

12. ProfIles of material properties in inductlon-hardened steel determined through inversion of resonant acoustic measurements
Published: 1/3/2005
Authors: Ward L Johnson, Sudook A. Kim, S J Norton
Abstract: Electromagnetic-acoustic measurements of resonant frequencies of induction-hardened steel shafts were used in an inverse calculation to determine parameters of the radial variations in the shear constant and density, including the effects of material ...

13. Elastic Constants of Layers in Isotropic Laminates
Published: 11/1/2003
Authors: F Hayliger, H M Ledbetter, Sudook A. Kim, Ivar E. Reimanis
Abstract: We determined the individual laminae elastic constants in multilayer laminates composed of dissimilar isotropic layers using acoustic resonance spectroscopy and the linear theory of elasticity. Resonant ultrasound allows one to measure the free-vibr ...

14. Elastic Constants of Natural Quartz
Published: 8/1/2003
Authors: Paul R Heyliger, H M Ledbetter, Sudook A. Kim
Abstract: We measured the elastic constants of a natural-quartz sphere using resonance-ultrasound spectroscopy (RUS). Our measurements of the near-traction-free vibrational frequencies of the sphere are matched with the predicted frequencies from the dynamic ...

15. Acoustic Damping in Langatate as a Function of Temperature, Frequency, and Mechanical Contact
Published: 10/1/2002
Authors: Ward L Johnson, Sudook A. Kim, Damian S Lauria, R C Smyth
Abstract: Resonant acoustic damping in plano-convex (trapped-mode) langatate (La^d3^Ga^d5.5^Ta0^d0.5^0^d14^) discs was measured at frequencies from 2 MHz to 18 MHz and temperatures from 130 K to 450 K. A broad anelastic relaxation peak was observed in the temp ...

16. Nanoporous Polymer Film Properties From Brillouin Light Scattering and Surface Acoustic Wave Spectroscopy
Published: 10/1/2002
Authors: Colm Flannery, Sudook A. Kim, T Wittkowski, K Y Jung, B Hillebrands, M R Baklanov
Abstract: Nanoporous Methylsilsesquioxane polymer films have outstanding potential forapplication to microelectronic interconnect, because of their low dielectric constant. Here we show that Brillouin light scattering and surface acoustic wave spectroscopy ma ...

17. Elastic Constants of Mullite Containing Alumina Platelets
Published: 7/1/2001
Authors: H M Ledbetter, Sudook A. Kim, Martin Dunn, Z Xu, S Crudele, W Kriven
Abstract: Using dynamic methods, we measured the elastic constants of a composite comprising alumina platelets (0.2 volume fraction) in a 3:2-mullite matrix. Instead of the expected elastic stiffening, we found an elastic softening. For example, the Young mo ...

18. Bulk-Moduli Systematics in Oxides Including Superconductors
Published: 1/5/2001
Authors: H M Ledbetter, Sudook A. Kim
Abstract: For oxides, including superconductors, we consider the systematics of the bulk-modulus/atomic-volume (B/V^da^) relationship. For nonsuperconducting oxides, the B-V^da^ diagram shows that most oxides fall in three sets: (1) rocksalt crystal structure ...

19. Elastic Gr neisen Parameters of Cubic Elements and Compounds
Published: 1/5/2001
Authors: H M Ledbetter, Sudook A. Kim
Abstract: From a material's second-order elastic-stiffness coefficients C^dijkl^ and its third-order elastic-stiffness coefficients C^dijklmn^, we calculated the scalar dimensionless Gr neisen parameter {gamma}, the single most important property of an anharmo ...

20. Metal-Oxide Debye Temperatures and Elastic Constants Estimation From Interionic Spacing
Published: 1/5/2001
Authors: H M Ledbetter, Sudook A. Kim
Abstract: For cubic metal oxides, we show relationships between crystal-structure-volume properties and elastic-stiffness properties. The interionic distance (or the crystal structure plus volume) gives the bulk modulus {Beta}. The product of effective atom ...

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