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131. Infrared Diffuse Reflectance Instrumentation and Standards at NIST
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Leonard M Hanssen, Simon Grant Kaplan
Abstract: A spectrophotometer system for spectral characterization of materials in the infrared has been built around a bench-top Fourier transform (FTIR) instrument. Its capabilities include the measurement of directional-hemispherical reflectance from 1 *m ...

132. Infrared Emittance Measurements at NIST
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Leonard M Hanssen, Benjamin K Tsai, Sergey Mekhontsev
Abstract: A new capability for the measurement of the temperature-dependent emittance of specular samples in the near infrared spectral region has been developed in NIST s Infrared Spectrophotometry Laboratory to provide emittance measurements and standards fo ...

133. Infrared Optical Property Characterization in the Optical Technology Division
Published: Date unknown
Author: Leonard M Hanssen
Abstract: Accurate non-contact thermometry requires accurate knowledge of the opticla properties of the materials under test. Radiometric measurements of a sample at any given temperature will include reflected (and transmitted) light originating from the surr ...

134. Methods for Absolute Reflectance Measurement of Transmissive Materials in the Infrared
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Leonard M Hanssen, Simon Grant Kaplan
Abstract: Four methods for the measurement of absolute reflectance are described and compared, with particular emphasis on application to transmissive materials such as windows and filters. Three of the methods, the V-W , V-N , and goniometer based methods, ...

135. Methods for Evaluation of Transmittance Minima in Wavenumber Standards Spectra: A Comparison and Analysis
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Leonard M Hanssen, C. J. Zhu
Abstract: The final two elements in the process of wavenumber calibration of a spectrometer involve software processing. These are (a) the generation of a spectrum through the Fourier transform processing of the measured interferogram (for Fourier transform s ...

136. Miniature Fourier Transform Instrument for Radiation Thermometry
Published: Date unknown
Authors: F J Dunmore, Leonard M Hanssen
Abstract: A miniature Fouier transform (FT0 spectrometer was evaluated as a device for remotely measuring the temperature of a high stability/emissivity blackbody. The device, commercially manufactured by Photonex LTD.,* is based on the novel design of a pola ...

137. NIST Program for the Infrared Emittance Characterization of Materials for Thermal Conductivity29/Thermal Expansion 17
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Leonard M Hanssen, Sergey Mekhontsev, Simon Grant Kaplan
Abstract: Over the past decade and a half, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has established measurement capabilities for the characterization of the spectral emittance of material samples in the infrared spectral range of 1 to 20 micro ...

138. NIST Radiance Temperature and Infrared Spectral Radiance Scale at Near-Ambient Temperatures
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Sergey Mekhontsev, V B Khromchenko, Leonard M Hanssen
Abstract: The realization and the dissemination of spectral radiance and radiance temperature scales in the temperature range of -50 C to 250 C and spectral range of 3 m to 13 m at the National Institute of Standards and Technology is described. The scale ...

139. Near Infrared Indirect Emissivity Measurements and System Employing a Vacuum Goniometer
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Matthias Rink, Vladimir Kromchenko, Sergey Mekhontsev, Leonard M Hanssen

140. Normal Infrared Spectral Emittance of Al^d2^O^d3^
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Simon Grant Kaplan, Leonard M Hanssen
Abstract: We have measured the near-normal ordinary ray transmittance and reflectance of crystalline Al^d2^O^d3^ from 1.6 m to 11 m and temperatures from 296 K to 582 K. The absorptance, or emittance, is derived from 1-(T+R), where T and R are the measured ...

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