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1. A Goniometric Optical Scatter Instrument for Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function Measurements with Out-of-plane and Polarimetry Capabilities, ed. by Z.H. Gu and A.A. Maradudin
Published: 1/1/1997
Authors: Thomas Avery Germer, Clara C. Asmail

2. A Novel Hemispherical Spectro-Polarimetric Scattering Instrument for Skin Lesion Imaging
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Bruno Boulbry, Thomas Avery Germer, J C Ramella-Roman
Abstract: We present a novel spectro-polarimetric instrument based on hemispherical backscattering for the assessment of superficial skin lesions. The system is capable of capturing polarized light images non-invasively. The effect of the rough skin backscatte ...

3. A Spectroscopic Polarimeter For Detecting Chiral Signatures In Astrobiological Samples
Published: 9/11/2009
Authors: Baoliang Wang, William Sparks, Thomas Avery Germer, Andy Leadbetter
Abstract: We have developed a polarimeter for accurately measuring both the circular and linear polarization components of a light beam from 400 nm to 800 nm. This polarimeter is designed to work at low light levels that are typical in astronomical application ...

4. A Traceable Scatterometry Measurement of a Silicon Line Grating
Published: 5/26/2011
Authors: Thomas Avery Germer, Heather J Patrick, Ronald G Dixson
Abstract: In this paper, we present a spectroscopic Mueller matrix ellipsometry measurement of a silicon line grating with nominal pitch of 600 nm and line width 100 nm. An uncertainty analysis is performed on the measurement results. The results are compare ...

5. A compact and robust method for full Stokes spectropolarimetry
Published: 8/1/2012
Authors: William Sparks, Thomas Avery Germer, John MacKenty, Frans Snik
Abstract: We present an approach to spectropolarimetry which requires neither moving parts nor time dependent modulation, and which o ers the prospect of achieving high sensitivity. The concept, which is one of those generically known as channeled polarimetry, ...

6. A novel hemispherical spectro-polarimetric scattering instrument for skin lesion imaging, ed. by N. Kollias
Published: 1/1/2006
Authors: Bruno Boulbry, Thomas Avery Germer, J C Ramella-Roman

7. Angle-resolved diffuse reflectance and transmittance
Published: 7/1/2014
Authors: Thomas Avery Germer, J C Stover, Sven Schroeder
Abstract: This chapter will cover the topic of bidirectional reflectance distribution function [BRDF] measurements. These measurements, like the diffuse reflectance and transmittance measurements described in the previous chapter, cover the gamut from highly r ...

8. Angular Dependence and Polarization of Out-of-plane Optical Scattering from Particulate Contamination, Subsurface Defects, and Surface Microroughness
Published: 1/1/1997
Author: Thomas Avery Germer

9. Angular Distribution of Light Scattered From a Sinusoidal Grating
Published: 1/1/2000
Authors: Egon Marx, Thomas Avery Germer, Theodore Vincent Vorburger, B C. Park
Abstract: The angular distributions of light scattered by gold-coated and aluminum-coated gratings having amplitudes of ~90 nm and periods of 6.67 ¿m were measured and calculated for light incident from a HeNe laser at an angle of 6E. Experimental results are ...

10. Angular Distribution of Light Scattered from a Sinusoidal Grating
Published: 1/1/2000
Authors: E Marx, Thomas Avery Germer, T V Vorburger, B C Park

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