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11. Friedel-like Oscillations from Interstitial Iron in Superconducting Fe^d1+y^Te^d0.62^Se^d0.38^
Published: 3/7/2012
Authors: V. Thampy, J. Kang, Jose A. Rodriguez, W. Bao, A. T. Savici, J. Hu, T. J. Liu, B. Qian, D. Fobes, Z. Q. Mao, C. B. Fu, Wangchun Chen, Q. Ye, Ross W. Erwin, Thomas R Gentile, Z. Tesanovic, Collin Leslie Broholm
Abstract: Using polarized and unpolarized neutron scattering we show that interstital Fe in superconducting Fe^d1=y^Te^d1-x^Se^dx^ induces a magnetic Friedel-like oscillation that idffracts at {B}Q{/B} = ({1/2}0) and involves {greater than}50 neighboring Fe si ...

12. Constraints on Monopole-Dipole Interactions of Wisps from Polarized Gas Relaxation Time
Published: 8/31/2011
Authors: Changbo Fu, Thomas R Gentile, W M. Snow
Abstract: Various theories beyond the Standard Model predict new particles with masses in the sub-eV range with very weak couplings to ordinary matter. A P-odd, T-odd, spin-dependent interaction between polarized and unpolarized matter is one such possibility. ...

13. Magnetic field effects on large area avalanche photodiodes at cryogenic temperatures
Published: 8/30/2011
Authors: Thomas R Gentile, C. D. Bass, Jeffrey S Nico, H Breuer, R Farrell
Abstract: We present results for detection of X-rays by large area avalanche photodiodes (APDs) in strong magnetic fields and at cryogenic temperatures. Whereas at room temperature we observe essentially no effects on the response, at cryogenic temperature ...

14. Polarized He-3 cell development and application at NIST
Published: 6/14/2011
Authors: Thomas R Gentile, Wangchun Chen, Changbo Fu, Shannon Watson, G L. Jones, J. W McIver, D. R. (deceased) Rich
Abstract: Over a period of well over a decade, a large number and variety of polarized 3He cells for neutron applications have been developed and tested at the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). These cells have primarily been employ ...

15. Neutron Charged Radius and the Neutron Electric Form Factor
Published: 5/2/2011
Authors: Thomas R Gentile, C.B. Crawford
Abstract: For nearly forty years, the Galster parametrization has successfully fit existing data for the neutron electric form factor, GEn,vs. the square of the four-momentum transfer, Q^2. Typically this parametrization is constrained to be consistent with ex ...

16. Limits on Possible New Monopole-Dipole Interactions from the Spin Relaxation Time of Polarized He-3 Gas
Published: 2/23/2011
Authors: Changbo Fu, Thomas R Gentile, W M. Snow
Abstract: Various theories beyond the Standard Model predict new particles with masses in the sub-eV range with very weak couplings to ordinary matter. A P-odd and T-odd interaction between polarized and unpolarized matter proportional to s.r is one such poss ...

17. A Measurement of the Parity Violating Gamma-ray Asymmetry in the Capture of Polarized Cold Neutrons on Protons
Published: 1/31/2011
Authors: Thomas R Gentile, M T Gericke, R. Alarcon, S. Balascuta, L. Barron, C S Blessinger, J D Bowman, R D Carlini, W.C. Chen, T E. Chupp, C. Crawford, S. Covrig, M Dabaghyan, N. Formin, S J Freedman, R C Gillis, G L. Greene, F W Hersman, T. Ino, G L. Jones, B Lauss, M Leuschner, W R Lozowski, R Mahurin, Y Masuda, J Mei, G S Mitchell, S Muto, H Nann, S A Page, S I Penttila, W D Ramsay, A. Salas-Bacci, S Santra, M Sharma, P.-N. Seo, E I Sharapov, T B Smith, W M. Snow, W S Wilburn, V Yuan
Abstract: The NPDGamma collaboration reports results from the first phase of a measurement of the parity violating up-down asymmetry A_gamma with respect to the neutron spin direction of gamma-rays emitted in the reaction n + p -> d + gamma using the capture ...

18. In-situ Polarized He3-Based Neutron Polarization Analyzer for SNS Magnetism Reflectometer
Published: 1/31/2011
Authors: W-T Lee, X Tong, J. Pierce, M. Fleenor, A. Ismaili, JL Robertson, Wangchun Chen, Thomas R Gentile, A. Hailemariam, R J Goyette, A. Parizzi, V Lauter, F. Klose, H. Kaiser, C. Lavelle, DV Baxter, G L Jones, J. Wexler, L. McCollum
Abstract: We report here the construction and neutron transmission test results of an in-situ polarized 3He-based neutron polarization analyzer system for the Magnetism Reflectometer at the Spallation Neutron Source, Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The analyzer ...

19. A Wide Angle Neutron Spin Filter System Using Polarized 3He
Published: 10/16/2010
Authors: Changbo Fu, Thomas R Gentile, Wangchun Chen, Ross W. Erwin, Shannon Watson, Collin Leslie Broholm, Jose A. Rodriguez, Julia K Scherschligt, G L Jones
Abstract: Polarized 3He neutron spin filters can operate over a wide neutron energy range and provide a large angular acceptance. A compact 3He neutron spin filter system has been developed for the Multi Axis Crystal Spectrometer at the NIST Center ...

20. Core-Shell Magnetic Morphology of Structurally Uniform Magnetite Nanoparticles
Published: 5/19/2010
Authors: Kathryn Krycka, R. Booth, C. Hogg, Y. Ijiri, Julie A. Borchers, Wangchun Chen, Stephanie S Watson, M. Laver, Thomas R Gentile, L.R. Dedon, S. Harris, J. J. Rhyne, S. A. Majetich

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