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11. Trapping and Release of Citrate-Capped Gold Nanoparticles
Published: 8/1/2011
Authors: Darwin R Reyes-Hernandez, Geraldine I. Mijares, Brian Joseph Nablo, Kimberly A Briggman, Michael Gaitan
Abstract: An electrical method to trap and release charged gold nanoparticles on and from the surface of alkanethiol self-assembled-monolayer (SAM) modified gold electrodes is presented. Gold nanoparticle (GNP) coated electrodes were formed by immersing amine ...

12. Art in Science
Published: 2/22/2011
Authors: Michael Gaitan, Laurie E Locascio

13. Entropophoresis of Single Biomolecules Down a Nanofluidic Staircase
Published: 1/11/2011
Authors: Samuel M Stavis, Elizabeth A Strychalski, Jon C Geist, Michael Gaitan, Laurie E Locascio

14. Nanoparticle Formation and Characterization in Continuous Flow Microfluidic Systems
Published: 10/13/2010
Authors: Samuel M Stavis, Michael Gaitan

15. Nanoslinky: DNA Entropophoresis Down a Nanofluidic Staircase
Published: 10/4/2010
Authors: Elizabeth A Strychalski, Laurie E Locascio, Samuel M Stavis, Michael Gaitan
Abstract: Almost all nanofluidic devices for biopolymer analysis have been limited by one or two confining structural dimen-sions or the application of external forces for biopolymer manipulation, which has restricted the scope of related lab-on-a-chip technol ...

16. Instantaneous Trapping and Long Term Cell Survival Under Dielectrophoretic Conditions Using a Hybrid Cell Adhesive Surface
Published: 10/3/2010
Authors: Darwin R Reyes-Hernandez, Jennifer S. Hong, John T Elliott, Michael Gaitan
Abstract: A dielectrophoresis (DEP) microfluidic device that allows instantaneous trapping of cells for rapid return to cell growth conditions (within 5 minutes) and long-term cell experiments (cell proliferation, induction and differentiation) of embryonic P1 ...

17. Microwave-Induced Adjustable Nonlinear Temperature Gradients in Microfluidic Devices
Published: 9/29/2010
Authors: Jayna J Shah, Jon C Geist, Michael Gaitan
Abstract: We present a technique to induce temperature gradients in flexible microfluidic devices with microwave energy. Microwave power decays exponentially in the propagating medium, and the rate of decay is higher for water compared to polymers or glass du ...

18. The Forms and Functions of Complex Nanofluidic Surfaces
Published: 9/14/2010
Authors: Samuel M Stavis, Elizabeth A Strychalski, Jon C Geist, Laurie E Locascio, Michael Gaitan

19. Nanoparticle Separation and Metrology by Three-Dimensional Nanofluidic Size Exclusion
Published: 9/13/2010
Authors: Samuel M Stavis, Jon C Geist, Michael Gaitan

20. Microfluidic Based Contactless DielectrophoreticDevice: Modeling and Analysis
Published: 9/1/2010
Authors: Saugandhika Minnikanti, Darwin R Reyes-Hernandez, Ruben Claudio Aguilar, Joseph Pancrazio, Michael Gaitan, Nathalia Peixoto
Abstract: While there have been many attempts at patterning cells onto substrates, a reliable method for trapping cell clusters and forming cell arrays in a predefined geometry remains to be demonstrated. We intend to develop a multielectrode array platfor ...

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