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41. NIST Technical Note 1735 LoopDA 3.0- Natural Ventilation Design and Analysis Software User Guide
Series: Technical Note (NIST TN)
Report Number: 1735
Published: 2/22/2012
Authors: William S Dols, Steven J Emmerich, Brian J Polidoro
Abstract: LoopDA 3.0 is an update to version 1.0 of the natural ventlation design tool developed by the Natural Institute of Standards and Technology. This software tool can be utilized to determine the size of natural ventilation openings necessary to pro ...

42. U.S. Commercial Building Airtightness Requirements and Measurements
Published: 10/12/2011
Authors: Steven J Emmerich, Andrew Keith Persily
Abstract: In 1998, Persily published a review of commercial and institutional building airtightness data that found significant levels of air leakage and debunked the ,mythŠ of the airtight commercial building. Since that time, the U.S. National Institute of S ...

43. Impacts of Adaptive Thermal Comfort on climatic Suitability of Natural Ventilation in Office Buildings
Published: 8/29/2011
Authors: Steven J Emmerich, Brian J Polidoro, James W Axley
Abstract: In earlier work (Axley and Emmerich 2002), NIST developed a climate suitability analysis technique to evaluate the potential of a given location for direct ventilative cooling and complimentary nighttime ventilative cooling. The direct ventilative co ...

44. Indoor Air Quality in Energy Efficient Buildings
Published: 8/29/2011
Authors: Andrew Keith Persily, Steven J Emmerich
Abstract: Building energy efficiency has been an important goal for decades. Since the energy crisis of the 1970s, much has been learned about how to improve energy efficiency in buildings. More recently, given increases in energy costs and concerns about the ...

45. Measured CO Concentrations at NIST IAQ Test House from Operation of Portable Electric Generators in Attached Garage ‹ Interim Report
Series: OTHER
Published: 7/8/2011
Authors: Steven J Emmerich, Liangzhu Wang
Abstract: The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is concerned about the hazard of acute residential CO exposures from portable gasoline powered generators that can result in death or serious and/or lasting adverse health effects in exposed individu ...

46. Modeling the Effects of Outdoor Use of Portable Gasoline Powered Generator Exhaust on Indoor Carbon Monoxide Exposure
Published: 6/10/2011
Authors: Steven J Emmerich, Leon Wang
Abstract: The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported that up to half of non-fatal CO poisoning incidents during the hurricane seasons in 2004 and 2005 involved generators operated outdoors but within seven feet of the home. We condu ...

47. Ultrafine Particles: 3 Years of Measurements in the NIST Test House
Published: 6/5/2011
Authors: Lance L. Wallace, Andrew Keith Persily, Steven J Emmerich, Dong H. Rim, Chi Phuong Hoang, Cynthia H. Reed, Wang Fang, M E. Greene, Jung I. Choi
Abstract: NIST has supported research characterizing ultrafine particle sources and dynamics for more than a decade. Over 90 % of ultrafine particles (UFP) produced by stovetop cooking on both gas and electric stoves were <10 nm in diameter. Emission rates o ...

48. Simultaneous Solutions of Coupled Thermal Airflow Problem for Natural Ventilation in Buildings
Published: 5/11/2011
Authors: Steven J Emmerich, William S Dols, Liangzhu (Leon) Wang
Abstract: Natural and hybrid ventilation are sustainable building ventilation strategies, where airflow is driven naturally by thermal buoyancy and/or wind forces other than pure mechanical means. The simulation and design of these systems thus need to conside ...

49. ASHRAE Standard 62.2: What is it, what‰s new, and who‰s using it
Published: 3/25/2011
Author: Steven J Emmerich
Abstract: Readers of the November 2010 IAQ Applications column by Bud Offermann learned about a large, residential IAQ study that highlighted the importance of mechanical ventilation in U.S. homes. ASHRAE Standard 62.2-2010 Ventilation and Acceptable Indoor Ai ...

50. In situ Experimental Study of Carbon Monoxide Generation by Gasoline-powered Electricity Generator in an Enclosed Space
Published: 12/1/2010
Authors: Liangzhu Wang, Steven J Emmerich
Abstract: About 98 % of generator-related carbon monoxide (CO) fatalities in recent years were caused by running operating gasoline-powered generators in enclosed spaces. With an increasing market demand for portable, gasoline-powered electric generators, a be ...

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