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1. Evaluation of Low-Contrast Detectability of Iterative Reconstruction across Multiple Institutions, CT Scanner Manufacturers, and Radiation Exposure Levels
Published: 2/19/2015
Authors: Adele P Peskin, Ganesh Saiprasad, James J Filliben, Alden A Dima
Abstract: Purpose: To evaluate the impact of Iterative Reconstruction (IR) compared with Filtered Back Projection (FBP) using low-contrast objects in phantom images across vendors and exposure levels. Materials and Methods: Randomized repeat scans of the Gamm ...

2. An Improved Index of Image Quality for Task-Based Performance of CT Iterative Reconstruction across Three Commercial Implementations
Published: 2/13/2015
Authors: Olav Christianson, Joseph Chen, Zhitong Yang, Ganesh Saiprasad, Alden A Dima, James J Filliben, Adele P Peskin, Eliot L Siegel, Ehsan Samei

3. Fog Bank: A Single Cell Segmentation across Multiple Cell Lines and Image Modalities
Published: 12/11/2014
Authors: Joe Chalfoun, Michael P Majurski, Alden A Dima, Christina Stuelten, Adele P Peskin, Mary C Brady

4. Structural Materials Data Demonstration Project: Resource for Thermal Process Modeling
Published: 7/1/2014
Authors: Carelyn E Campbell, Ursula R Kattner, Alden A Dima, Scott Henry, Larry A. Berardinis, Tom Searles, Laura M Bartolo
Abstract: Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME)requires the availability of supporting data for modeling across multiple length scales. It also requires robust data schema and input-output protocols. To address these needs, a team working under ...

5. Comparative Evaluation of Multiple Programs Designed to Estimate Nodule Volumes from Computer Tomography Scans
Published: 5/9/2013
Authors: Hyun J Kim, Alden A Dima, Athelogou Maria, Barnoy Eran, John Lu, Ganesh Saiprasad, Hubert Beaumont, Dirk Colditz, Andrew Buckler

6. Segmenting Time-lapse Phase Contrast Images of Adjacent NIH 3T3 Cells
Published: 1/15/2013
Authors: Joe Chalfoun, Alden A Dima, Marcin Kociolek, Michael W Halter, Antonio Cardone, Adele P Peskin, Peter Bajcsy, Mary C Brady
Abstract: We present a new method for segmenting phase contrast images of NIH 3T3 fibroblast cells that is accurate even when cells are in contact. The problem of segmentation, when cells are in contact, poses a challenge to the accurate automation of cell cou ...

7. Big Data Issues in Quantitative Imaging
Series: OTHER
Published: 8/29/2012
Authors: Mary C Brady, Alden A Dima, Charles D. Fenimore, James J Filliben, John Lu, Adele P Peskin, Mala Ramaiah, Ganesh Saiprasad, Ram D Sriram

8. An Automated Method for Locating Phantom Nodules in Anthropomorphic Thoracic Phantom CT Studies
Published: 7/19/2012
Authors: Adele P Peskin, Alden A Dima, Ganesh Saiprasad
Abstract: The Cancer Imaging Archive (TCIA) has a publically available FDA database consisting of just over thousand CT scans intended for facilitating the assessment of lung nodule size estimation methodologies, the development of image analysis software, as ...

9. Developing an Informatics and Database Infrastructure for Proficiency Testing of Quantitative Imaging Algorithms
Published: 9/23/2011
Author: Alden A Dima

10. Comparison of segmentation algorithms for fluorescence microscopy images of cells
Published: 6/14/2011
Authors: Alden A Dima, John T Elliott, James J Filliben, Michael W Halter, Adele P Peskin, Javier Bernal, Marcin Kociolek, Mary C Brady, Hai C. Tang, Anne L Plant
Abstract: Segmentation results from nine different segmentation techniques applied to two different cell lines and five different sets of imaging conditions were compared. Significant variability in the results of segmentation was observed that was due solely ...

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