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1. A simple and fast spline filtering algorithm for surface metrology
Published: 7/14/2015
Authors: Hao H. Zhang, Daniel B Ott, Jun-Feng Song, D Ott, Wei Chu
Abstract: The spline filters and the corresponding robust filters are commonly used filters recommended in ISO standards for surface evaluation. Generally, these linear and non-linear spline filters, composed of symmetric, positive-definite matrices, are a ...

2. An Improved Algorithm of Congruent Matching Cells (CMC) Method for Firearm Evidence Identifications
Published: 4/29/2015
Authors: D Ott, Jun-Feng Song, Wei Chu
Abstract: The Congruent Matching Cells (CMC) method was invented at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for firearm evidence identifications. The CMC method divides the entire image into small correlation cells and uses three sets of fo ...

3. An Areal Isotropic Spline Filter for Surface Metrology
Series: Journal of Research (NIST JRES)
Report Number: 120.006
Published: 4/1/2015
Authors: Hao H. Zhang, D Ott, Wei Chu
Abstract: This paper deals with the application of the spline filter as an areal filter for surface metrology. A profile (2D) filter is often applied in orthogonal directions to yield an areal filter for a three-dimensional (3D) measurement. Unlike the Gau ...

4. Fire Cartridge Case Identifications Using Optical Images and Congruent Matching Cells (CMC) Method
Series: Journal of Research (NIST JRES)
Report Number: 119.023
Published: 11/6/2014
Authors: D Ott, Jun-Feng Song, Wei Chu, Robert Meryln Thompson
Abstract: The Congruent Matching Cells (CMC) method was invented at the National Institute of Standards and Institute (NIST). The CMC method is based on correlation of pairs of small correlation cells instead of correlation on the entire images. Four ide ...

5. Validation Tests for the Congruent Matching Cells (CMC) Method Using Cartridge Cases Fired With Consecutively Manufactured Pistol Slides
Published: 10/17/2013
Authors: Wei Chu, D Ott, Jun-Feng Song
Abstract: The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has developed the NIST Ballistics Identification System (NBIS) based on three-dimensional (3D) topography measurements on correlation cells [1]. The Congruent Matching Cells (CMC) method is u ...

6. Automatic Identification of Bullet Signatures Based on Consecutive Matching Striae (CMS) Criteria
Published: 9/10/2013
Authors: Wei Chu, Robert Meryln Thompson, Jun-Feng Song, Theodore Vincent Vorburger
Abstract: The consecutive matching striae (CMS) numeric criteria for firearm and toolmark identifications have been widely accepted by forensic examiners, although there have been questions concerning its observer subjectivity and limited statistical support. ...

7. Development of Ballistics Identification ‹ From Image Comparison to Topography Measurement in Surface Metrology-
Published: 3/22/2012
Authors: Jun-Feng Song, Theodore Vincent Vorburger, Robert Meryln Thompson, Thomas B Renegar, Xiaoyu A Zheng, James H Yen, Richard M Silver, Wei Chu
Abstract: Fired bullets and ejected cartridge cases have unique ballistics signatures left by the firearm. By analyzing the ballistics signatures, forensic examiners can trace these bullets and cartridge cases to the firearm used in a crime scene. Current au ...

8. Selecting Valid Correlation Areas for Automated Bullet Identification Systems Based on Striation Detection
Published: 5/1/2011
Authors: Wei Chu, Jun-Feng Song, Theodore Vincent Vorburger, Robert Meryln Thompson, Richard M Silver

9. Striation Density for Predicting the Identifiability of Fired Bullets
Published: 9/1/2010
Authors: Wei Chu, Jun-Feng Song, Theodore Vincent Vorburger, Susan M Ballou
Abstract: Without a selection procedure to exclude the bullets having insufficient individualized ballistics signature, automated ballistics identification systems will correlate an evidence bullet with all reference bullets stored in the database. Correlation ...

10. Subpixel Image Stitching for Linewidth Measurement Based on Digital Image Correlation
Published: 8/13/2010
Authors: Wei Chu, Joseph Fu, Theodore Vincent Vorburger

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