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Weights and Measures Newsletter Archives - Measuring

Series/B-XXX Key Words Article Issue
B-001 Ticket Printers
All Vehicle Tank Meters Must Have Ticket Printers after January 1, 1999 May 1998
B-002 Remanufactured Devices
Remanufactured Device Guidelines Accepted/New Liquid Measuring Devices and Vehicle-Tank Meters Tolerances August 2002
B-003 Submetering
Water Meters
Submetering of Water -- a Growing Concern August 2002
B-004 Printed Receipts RMFD Printed Receipts at Retail Service Stations September 2003
B-005 Water Vending Machines Drinking Water Vending Machines Gain Popularity December 2003
B-006 Blend Dispensers RMFDs Testing Blend Retail Motor-Fuel Dispensers (RMFDs) December 2003
B-007 Temperature
Temperature is a Big Factor in Vehicle-Tank Meter Test February 2004
B-008 Vapor Return Lines
Using Vapor Return Lines on Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Meters August 2004
B-009 Sealing Requirements
Remote Configuration
Upcoming Changes for Sealing Reguirements for Measuring Devices with Remote Configuration Capability August 2004
B-010 Split Compartment Test
Split Compartment Test for Vehicle Tank Meters November 2004
B-011 Contract Sales
Contract Sales Using Retail Motor-fuel Dispensers March 2005
B-012 Gravimetric Testing
Series 1 - Gravimetric Testing of Oil Meters: Equipment Needs and Scale Requirements June 2005
B-013 Gravimetric Testing
Oil Meters
Converting Net Weight to Corrected Volume
Series 2 - Gravimetric Testing of Oil Meters: Converting Net Weight to Corrected Volume August 2005
B-014 Fuel Tank Capacity
Gas Pump Accuracy
Fuel Tank Capacity and Gas Pump Accuracy August 2005
B-015 Meter Testing
Temperature Corrections
Meter Testing and Corrections - Corrections During Liquid Meter Testing March 2006
B-016 Scales
Weighing devices
Are There Scales on a Gas Pump? That Sounds Fishy to Me! June 2007
B-017 Liquid-measuring devices
Automatic temperature-compensating
The Proper Use of Substitute Test Fluids July 2011
B-018 Fuels
Electric vehicle fueling
U.S. National Work Group on Measuring Systems for Electric Vehicle Fueling and Submetering September 2007
B-019 MOS, LNG, CNG, HB44, HB130, labeling, SI, weight, volume, measuring, fuels Considerations When Determining the Method of Sale for Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) March 2016
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