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Research Opportunities in PML


Precision Measurement Grants
The National Institute of Standards and Technology awards Precision Measurement Grants to faculty members of U.S. universities or colleges for significant, primarily experimental research in the field of precision measurement and fundamental constants.


NRC Research Associateship Programs 
The National Institute of Standards and Technology, in cooperation with the National Research Council, offers awards for postdoctoral research.


Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships:
SURFing the Physical Measurement Laboratory at NIST
A 12 week Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship program providing hands-on research experience in Atomic, Molecular, Optical, Radiation, and Chemical Physics.

JILA Research Opportunities
JILA is a joint enterprise between NIST and the University of Colorado. NIST participation involves PML's Quantum Physics Division. Participating CU departments include Physics, Chemistry and Biochemistry, and Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences (APS).

Professional Research Experience Program:
PREP Program at NIST
The Professional Research Experience Program (PREP) is designed to provide valuable laboratory experience and financial assistance to undergraduate and graduate students from the University of Colorado at Boulder and from the Colorado School of Mines at Golden. The Program is also available to postdoctoral researchers. The research is normally carried out in NIST's laboratories.

Graduate Studies in Atomic, Molecular and Optical Science
A cooperative study program sponsored jointly by the University of Maryland at College Park and the National Institute of Standards and Technology at Gaithersburg leading to the Ph.D. degree in the Chemical Physics Program at the University of Maryland.