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Return to the Marie Curie and the NBS Radium Standards

1913: The U.S. Curie standard
1921: Marie Curie visits the United States
1927: NBS gold leaf electroscope
1929: Marie Curie visits the Hoover White House
1937: NBS Hönigschmid standard
1940s: NBS Radon measurements
1950s: Calorimetric comparisions of national radium standards
Present: status of national standards
Biographies of Participants
Acknowledgments and Photo Credits
Marie Curie in Pittsburgh

Note: All the images in the exhibit have larger versions that can be downloaded by clicking on the image.

Warning: These larger images will take longer to download, especially images of textual content like certificates.

Exhibit written by Bert Coursey and designed by Johnathan Coursey

Online: June 1999