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General Measurements for Laser Meters

The Applied Physics Division conducts research on a variety of problems in the characterization of optoelectronics components. Consequently, we are interested in discussing and supporting all measurements involving laser detectors, sources, components, and instrumentation. Examples of measurement areas include beam profile, optical density or attenuation, and detector linearity. We also support instrumentation used with optical fiber power systems offering various optical fiber power related measurements upon request and by prearrangement. These include optical attenuator characterization, high power measurements, and power meter measurements involving unusual connector or fiber types. Please contact Matthew Spidell for additional information.

Description Wavelength Parameter Documentation Contact
Detector Linearity
10.6 µm
1.07 µm
248 nm
193 nm
  NIST 2004
Josh Hadler
Josh Hadler
David Livigni
David Livigni
Optical Fiber Power Meter Linearity
850, 980, 1300, 1480, and 1550 nm
980 and 1480 nm
-90 to 0 dBm
0 to 30 dBm
AO 2005 Igor Vayshenker
Optical Detector Spatial Uniformity 635, 850, 1300, 1550 nm   NCSL 1994 David Livigni
Spectral Responsivity of Laser and Optical Fiber Power Meters 400 - 1700 nm 10 - 100 µW SP250-53 Josh Hadler