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This is a simple document from a 256-channel spectroscopic analyzer (MCA). The document contains:
  1. The definition of the radiation measurement instrument, a "Radionuclide identifier", via <RadInstrumentInformation>.
  2. The definition of the radiation detector, a Nal scintillator, via <RadDetectorInformation>.
  3. The energy calibration used by the radiation detector, given as a quadratic equation.
  4. A spectrum measurement,via <RadMeasurement>. The data were acquired beginning November 10, 2011, at 11:45:19 P.M, Mountain Standard Time. the real time is 60 seconds, and the live time is 59.61 seconds.
  5. In addition, the sample is provided but using an alternative energy calibration. In this case energy boundaries are used for the energy calibration.

Simple spectrometer example file:

Simple spectrometer with alternative energy calibration example file: