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SHIP Research Projects

Click on one of the links below to see research projects that have been done in one of NIST's laboratories or offices.


CNST SHIP Projects:

  1. Simulating graphene antidot lattices
  2. Spectro-electrochemistry with Plasmonic Electrodes
  3. Research in Nanophotonics


EL SHIP Projects:

  1. Investigating the Shear Strength of Hybrid Carbon Fiber Composites
  2. Augmenting Reality to Enhance Manufacturing
  3. Characterizing the UV-photodegradation of poly(ethylene terephthalate) based window films
  4. Characterization of smooth flow and grid-generated turbulent flow in the NIST low-speed wind tunnel
  5. Wireless Network Measurements Based on Metrics
  6. Sensor Network Integration with the Virtual Factory Network
  7. Comparative Path Analysis by Evaluation of Energy Consumption and Time for the KUKA Youbot
  8. Communication Performance and Properties of Wireless
  9. HART Sensor Network
  10. Thermal Measurements of a Polymer Additive Manufacturing System
  11. Evaluating Sub-Millimeter Consistency in a Mobile Robot using iGPS Feedback
  12. Parallel Data Processing with the Fire Dynamics Simulator
  13. Comparison of Convective Heat Transfer Wall Models for Fire Dynamics Simulations
  14. Single Step Flame Retardant Coatings for Polyurethane Foam
  15. The FIRST Gazebo Robot
  17. Degradation of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate as the Encapsulant in Photovoltaic Solar Cells
  18. Software and Hardware Support for Numerical and Experimental Studies of Flame Inhibition Chemistry: Data Acquisition and Numerical Simulations
  19. Keeping The Lights on with a Smarter Grid Analysis of Clock Performance and potential Impact on Micro Grid Control


ITL SHIP Projects:

  1. Using Python to Develop Root-Based Ontologies
  2. Maximizing the Spread of Information across Distance-Regular Graphs
  3. Identifying Region Boundaries in Labeled 2-D Microstructure Images
  4. Keyword based and xml comparison based math search over large datasets
  5. Visualization of Concentration of Chemicals Over Time During Cement Hydration
  6. NAFSTR: Networked Automated Fingerprint Scanner Test Robot
  7. Length Measurements of Worms in Large Microscopy Images
  8. Viewing 3D Stem Cells on a Large Scale
  9. Evaluation of Depth Maps Reconstructed from Lytro Light-Field Images
  10. Evaluating different 3D laser scanners and registration techniques for creating 3D object recognition dataset


MML SHIP Projects:

  1. Using GC-TMMC Simulation Data to Generate Adsorption Isotherm of Argon in Carbon Graphite
  2. Geneomic Analysis of Nucleosome Remodeling Complex (NuRD) in STEM Cells Using ChIP-Seq
  3. Exploring the change of methylene blue in the presence of TiO2
  4. Design and Optimization of Primer and Probe Sets for BK Virus Candidate SRM 2365
  5. Validating the Liquid Handling Operations of the Beckman Coulter Biomek FX® for the Purpose of Culturing Bacteria
  6. Using Python to Develop Root-Based Ontologies
  7. Applications of Quantum Computations: Optimization of 3-Dimensional Gas-Phase Molecules for the NIST Chemistry WebBook 


NCNR SHIP Projects:

  1. Direct Measurement of the Orientation of Atomic Vibrations Using Inelastic Neutron Scattering
  2. Developing Methods for Preparation and Imaging of Nafion® Filled Nano-pore Arrays in Anodiscs®
  3. Optimization of 2D Fitting for Surfactants under Shear using OpenCL
  4. User Interface Enhancements in Creating and Modeling Experiments and Samples through Small Angle Neutron Scattering in the Refl1d and Bumps Programs
  5. Monte Carlo Simulation for  Reactor Anti-Neutrino Detector Shielding
  6. Implementation of the Levenberg-Marquardt Algorithm in a Web-Based Fitting Application


PML SHIP Projects:

  1. Aging of Colloidal Copper and Copper (I) Sulfide Nanoparticles
  2. Shell Decomposition of Ultraviolet Absorption Spectra
  3. A study of observed cooling and electron capture by bare neon in a trap
  4. Mechanical Controls for Advanced Vacuum Deposition Chamber System
  5. Non-destructive evaluation of through-silicon via (TSV) axes using the through focus scanning optical microscopy (TSOM) method
  6. High-resolution Ultrasonic Thermometer for Radiation Dosimetry
  7. Mapping RGB Values for Two Different Cameras
  8. Design and Evaluation of an Automated Data Acquisition and Analysis System for Evaluating Cylindrical Sapphire Whispering Gallery Mode Resonator for Applications in Thermometry