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SHIP Research Projects

Click on one of the links below to see research projects that have been done in one of NIST's laboratories or offices.


CNST SHIP Projects:

  1. Simulating graphene antidot lattices
  2. Spectro-electrochemistry with Plasmonic Electrodes
  3. Research in Nanophotonics


EL SHIP Projects:

  1. Wireless communication network performance metrics
  2. Fire Research : Application of Computer Modeling
  3. Computer Controlled Test Piece/Mannequin Mover
  4. Developing the Tools to Evaluate Energy Sustainability Metrics for Manufacturing
  5. Additive Manufacturing: How to Produce Quality Parts with the Makerbot Replicat
  6. Degradation of butyl rubbers as edge sealants for PV systems
  7. Adhesion Measurements of Photovoltaic Laminates
  8. Machine Tool Metrology Toolbox
  9. Characterization of Structural Polymers: Nano-Engineered Fiber-Reinforced Polymers and Polyethylene Heat Fusion Joints
  10. Grasp Performance Metrics to Characterize Robotic Hands


ITL SHIP Projects:

  1. Generalized generating functions for q-ultraspherical, q-Laguerre and little q-Laguerre polynomials
  2. Self-Guided Fingerprint Capture with Graphical Instructions
  3. The Web-Based Visualization of Anthropometric Data


MML SHIP Projects:

  1. A study of Protein unfolding using fluorescent dyes compared with classical techniques
  2. Self-Diffusion in Zirconium and Magnesium
  3. Curation of Standard Reference Data for Gas Adsorption in Novel Porous Materials
  4. Creating Profiling Tools to Analyze and Optimize FiPy
  5. Analysis of DNA sequencing data and biases from multiple datasets
  6. How Similar is Biosimilar: Analysis of Charged Isoforms of Immunoglobulin G
  7. Synthesis of garnet electrolytes for Li-ion batteries
  8. Benchmarking Microscope Performance using Fluorescent Glass
  9. Image Processing to Analyzing Quantitative Immunostained Analyte Nanoparticles and Probe Nanoparticles
  10. Developing a Humidity Sensor Mount Using 3D Extrusion Printing
  11. Changing tissue engineering scaffold structure to control cell response
  12. Quantum Optimization and Verification of 3D Chemical Structures


NCNR SHIP Projects:

  1. Modeling off-specular x-ray scattering from patterned thin films using the Born approximation
  2. Effects of Tethering on Glass Transition Temperature for Confined Thin Films
  3. Enhancing the DCS with Everyday Interface Technologies - QR Code Kinections
  4. Optimizing Sputtering Parameters to Minimize the Roughness of Permalloy Thin Films
  5. Simply Fitting
  6. The Parallelization of the Nelder-Mead Simplex Algorithm
  7. Determination of the Crystal and Magnetic Structures of LuFeO3 Through Neutron Diffraction Patterns 


PML SHIP Projects:

  1. Morphology Analysis of Particles Produced from the Dewetting of Thin Metal Films
  2. Spectroscopy of Manganese in the Vacuum Ultraviolet (VUV)
  3. Design of Portable Transfer Standard for the Calibration of Gauges in the Range of .65 Pa to 130 kPa
  4. Analyzing highly charged bismuth emissions from the NIST EBIT
  5. Analysis of Highly Charged Bismuth Spectra in the X-ray Range
  6. Phase-sensitive detection using a Lock-in Amplifier for Precise Radiation Dosimetry
  7. Computer Control for Pressure Metrology