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SHIP Research Projects

Click on one of the links below to see research projects that have been done in one of NIST's laboratories or offices.


CNST SHIP Projects

  1. Lateral Atom Manipulation of Cobalt on Graphene for STM
  2. Automation of Swept-Wavelength Spectroscopy for Optical Microcavity Resonance Detection

EL SHIP Projects

  1. Development of an Experimental Device for Static Calibration of a Multi-Hole Pressure Anemometry Probe
  2. Integration of Simulated Industrial Process Control with Wireless Sensor Networks
  3. Hardware-In-The-Loop Integration of Wireless Sensor Networks
  4. Rheological Properties of Nanocrystalline Cellulose Solutions
  5. Virtual Fusion in Manufacturing Simulation


  1. Applications on a Display Wall built with NVIDIA Jetson TK1 Computers
  2. E-Mail Functionality in Policy Machine Development
  3. Front-End Search Development for the Digital Repository of Mathematical Formulae
  4. Investigating Deep Learning for Face Recognition
  5. Software Testing of the CAVE 3D Visualization system

MML SHIP Projects

  1. Increasing Understanding of 3D Stem Cell Morphology by 3D-Printing of Palm-Sized Cell Replicas That Can Be Physically Handled
  2. Compilation of Gas Adsorption Isotherms on Porous Materials for the NIST SRD-205
  3. Application of Novel Shape Metrologies to Biometric Data Based on Path-Integration
  4. Investigation of Reference Sequence and Variant Caller Effects on SNP Calls made across Six BK Virus Genotypes
  5. Evaluating the Accuracy of the 1000 Genomes SNPs Calls in Comparison to NIST High Confidence Calls on Reference Material NA12878
  6. Assessing the Accuracy of Indel Variant Calls in the First Human Reference Genome Compiled by NIST and the Genome in a Bottle Consortium
  7. Rheology of Lysozyme Solutions at High Shear Rates
  8. Discriminating NIST SRD Terms
  9. Utilization of Quantum Chemistry Methods to Optimize 3-Dimensional Chemical Structures of Molecules
  10. Qualitative and Quantitative Tools for Precision-Based Analyses in Forensic, Nanomaterial, and Environmental Measurement Applications

NCNR SHIP Projects

  1. Effects of Peptides on Lipid Phase Behavior
  2. The Addition of Functionality to the Jmol/JSmol Application
  3. Deuterium Refrigerator Display
  4. Motors, Fibers, and Displays
  5. Entropy in Experimental Design
  6. Improving the Robustness of Bumps Using Parallel Tempering
  7. Using Machine Learning Algorithms to Classify Unit Cells in Crystals
  8. D2O and the Lipidic Cubic Phase

PML SHIP Projects

  1. Modeling Firearm Toolmark Persistence Through Surface Metrology
  2. Using Fast Fourier Transform Techniques and Debye's Asymptotic Expansion to Accelerate Diffraction Calculations for Cylindrically Symmetrical Systems
  3. Role of Laser Spot Size in Laser Scanner Performance
  4. Consolidating atomic spectral line data for the NIST Atomic Spectra Database
  5. Exploring Time of Flight Techniques for High Resolution Ultrasonic Thermometry in Water
  6. Calibration of Luminescence Measurement Units
  7. Radio Frequency (RF) Waveguide for Material Characterization
  8. Adapting the Poisson-Influenced K-Means Algorithm for a Larger User Base