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On-Site Assessment Checklists

The NIST Handbook 150 series checklists may be downloaded from this page.

Checklists marked as "PDF" can be viewed and printed using Adobe Reader software from Adobe Systems Inc. You may download this software without charge from the Adobe web site.

Checklists marked as "Word" have been enabled for electronic input using Microsoft Word. For help with using these forms, visit our link at Tips for Working with Microsoft Word Forms.

Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat Reader software applications are identified in order to assist users of this web site. In no case does such identification imply recommendation or endorsement by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. If you are unable to use this software and require a copy of a listed document, please request a hard copy from NVLAP@nist.gov, or call NVLAP at 301-975-4016.

Programs that use the Test Method Review Summary in conjunction with the NIST Handbook 150 Checklists are flagged by an asterisk.

Checklist Number



File Format

NIST HB 150 Checklist

Contact NVLAP to obtain this checklist

NIST HB 150-1 Checklist* Energy Efficient Lighting Products 2010-12-30 PDF Word
NIST HB 150-2 Supplemental Checklist - Z540-1-1994, Part I Calibration Laboratories 2010-04-12 PDF Word
NIST HB 150-2 Supplemental Checklist - ILAC-P14:12/2010 Calibration Laboratories 2012-01-17 PDF Word
NIST HB 150-3 Checklist Asbestos, Bulk (PLM) 2011-02-18 PDF Word
NIST HB 150-4 Checklist Ionizing Radiation Dosimetry 2012-01-24 PDF Word
NIST HB 150-5 Checklist* Construction Materials Testing 2005-10-01 PDF Word
NIST HB 150-6 Checklist* Carpet and Carpet Cushion 2011-10-20 PDF Word
NIST HB 150-8 Checklist* Acoustical Testing Services 2011-04-25 PDF Word
NIST HB 150-9 Checklist* Wood-Based Products 2011-10-20 PDF Word
NIST HB 150-10 Checklist* Efficiency of Electric Motors 2013-06-28 PDF Word
NIST HB 150-11 Checklist* Electromagnetic Compatibility and Telecommunications (ECT) 2013-04-24 PDF Word
NIST HB 150-11A Checklist* FCC Parts 2, 15, and 18 2016-05-05   Word
NIST HB 150-13 Checklist Asbestos, Airborne (TEM) 2007-09-26 PDF
NIST HB 150-15 Checklist* Thermal Insulation Materials 2011-10-20 PDF Word
NIST HB 150-17 Checklist Cryptographic & Security Testing
(Clauses 4 and 5)
2012-04-05 PDF Word
Supplemental checklists:

  • Annex B
Cryptographic Algorithms and Cryptographic Modules Testing 2012-04-05 PDF Word
  • Annex C
Personal Identity Verification (PIV) Testing 2012-04-05 PDF Word
  • Annex D
General Services Adminstration Precursor (GSAP) Testing 2012-04-05 PDF Word
  • Annex E
Security Content Automation Protocol Testing
2013-05-14 PDF Word
  • Annex F
DHS Identity and Privilege Credential Management Testing 2012-04-05 PDF Word
CST Template for Oral Quizzing
Cryptographic & Security Testing 2009-09-28 PDF Word
NIST HB 150-18 Checklist* Fasteners and Metals 2009-10-28 PDF Word
NIST HB 150-20 Checklist Common Criteria Testing 2014-06-25 PDF Word
NIST HB 150-21 Checklist Chemical Calibration: Filter NTRMs 2011-07-12 PDF Word
NIST HB 150-22 Checklist Voting System Testing 2008-06-25 PDF Word
NIST HB 150-23 Checklist Radiation Detection Instruments 2010-04-13 PDF Word
NIST HB 150-24 Checklist Personal Body Armor 2010-03-18 PDF Word
NIST HB 150-25 Checklist Biometrics Testing 2010-10-15 PDF Word
NIST HB 150-31 Checklist Healthcare IT Testing 2012-01-05 PDF Word