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Technologic Papers of the Bureau of Standards

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Technologic Papers of the Bureau of Standards, 1920

A study of the deterioration of nickel spark-plug electrodes in service, T 143,
Rawdon, H.S.; Krynitsky, A.I.

The properties of American bond clays and their use in graphite crucibles and glass pots, T 144,
Bleininger, A.V.

Estimation of nitrates and nitrites in battery acid, T 149,
Sefton, L.B.

Physical tests of motor-truck wheels, T 150,
Hoffmann, C.P.

Load strain-gage test of 150-ton floating crane for the Bureau of Yards and Docks, U. S. Navy Department, T 151,
Larson, L.J.; Templin, R.L.

Investigation of the compressive strength of spruce struts of rectangular cross section and the derivation of formulas suitable for use in airplane design, T 152,
Boyd, J.E.

Area measurement of leather, T 153,
Schlink, F.J.

Determination of cellulose in rubber goods, T 154,
Epstein, S.W.; Moore, R.L.

Cements for spark-plug electrodes, T 155,
Staley, H.F.

Metallographic features revealed by the deep etching of steel, T 156,
Rawdon, H.S.; Epstein, S.

An investigation of the physical properties of dental materials, T 157,
Souder, W.H.; Peters, C.G.

A peculiar type of intercrystalline brittleness of copper, T 158,
Rawdon, H.S.; Langdon, S.C.

Porosity and volume changes of clay fire bricks at furnace temperatures, T 159,
Loomis, G.A.

Effects of oils, greases, and degree of tannage on the physical properties of russet harness leather, T 160,
Bowker, R.C.; Churchill, J.B.

A picnometer for the determination of density of molasses, T 161,
Newkirk, W.B.

Extraction of rubber goods, T 162,
Epstein, S.W.; Gonyo, B.L.

Stresses caused by cold-rolling, T 163,
Howe, H.M.; Groesbeck, E.C.

The Saybolt viscosity of blends, T 164,
Herschel, W.H.

Enamels for sheet iron and steel, T 165,
Shaw, J.B.

Laboratory wearing test to determine the relative wear resistance at different depths throughout the thickness of a hide, T 166,
Hart, R.W.

An examination of the Munsell color system. I. Spectral and total reflection and the Munsell scale of value, T 167,
Priest, I.G.; Gibson, K.S.; McNicholas, H.J.

The color and spectral composition of certain high-intensity searchlight arcs, T 168,
Priest, I.G.; Meggers, W.F.; Gibson, K.S.; Tyndall, E.P.T.; McNicholas, H.J.

Measurement of plasticity of mortars and plasters, T 169,
Emley, W.E.

Automatic apparatus for intermittent testing, T 171,
Vinal, G.W.; Ritchie, L.M.

Cast iron for locomotive-cylinder parts, T 172,
Strand, C.H.

Tests of bond resistance between concrete and steel, T 173,
Slater, W.A.; Richart, F.E.; Scofield, G.G.

Effects of Cal as an accelerator of the hardening of Portland cement mixtures, T 174,
Young, R.N.

Pouring and pressure tests of concrete, T 175,
Slater, W.A.; Goldbeck, A.T.

Slushing oils, T 176,
Walker, P.H.; Steele, L.L.

Sulphur in petroleum oils, T 177,
Waters, C.E.

Steel rails from sink-head and ordinary rail ingots, T 178,
Burgess, G.K.

Electric-arc welding of steel: I. Properties of the arc-fused metal, T 179,
Rawdon, H.S.; Groesbeck, E.C.; Jordan, L.

Causes and prevention of the formation of noncondensible gases in ammonia absorption refrigeration machines, T 180,
McKelvy, E.C.; Isaacs, A.

Colored wall plaster, T 181,
Emley, W.E.; Faxon, C.F.

Effect of repeated reversals of stress on double-reinforced concrete beams, T 182,
Slater, W.A.; Smith, G.A.; Mueller, H.P.

Notes on small flow meters for air, especially orifice meters, T 183,
Buckingham, E.

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