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Journal of Research of NIST

Board of Editors

Robert A. Dragoset  Chief Editor
Jeffrey W. Bullard Materials and Construction Research Division, EL
Raju V. Datla Optical Technology Division, PML
Robert A. Dragoset Atomic Physics Division, PML
Ron B. Goldfarb Electromagnetics Division (Boulder), PML
Alan H. Goldfine Software and Systems Division, ITL
Kevin W. Lyons Manufacturing Systems Integration Division, EL
Alan D. Mighell Ceramics Division, MML
Jonathon P. Phillips Information Access Division, ITL
Craig M. Shakarji  Mechanical Metrology Division, PML
Sabrina Springer Managing Editor, Information Services Office, MR
Barry N. Taylor  Chief Editor Emeritus
Theodore V. Vorburger Former Chief Editor


Publishing and Production Staff

Ruth Warren
Karen Wick
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301-869-8071 Facsimile

100 Bureau Drive, Stop 2500
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