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Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards, Section B: Mathematical Sciences

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 72B

 ISSN: 0098-8979

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 1 January 1968


Means and minimization of errors, p. 1
Aissen, Michael

On Taylor's theorem, p. 5
Shisha, O.

Principal submatrices III: Linear inequalities, p. 7
Thompson, R. C.

Diophantine equation p(x,y)=(xy+d)z, p. 23
Osgood, Charles F.

A note on the G-transformation, p. 29
Gray, H. L.; Atchison, T. A.

The distribution of the sample correlation coefficient with one variable fixed, p. 33
Hogben, David

Solutions of time-dependent Klein-Gordon and Dirac equations for a uniform electric field, p. 37
Myers, V. V.

Analysis of a market split model, p. 43
McLynn, J. M.; Goldman, A. J.; Meyers, P. R.; Watkins, R. H.

Citation searching and bibliographic coupling with remote on-line computer access, p. 61
Alt, Franz L.; Kirsch, Russell A.

Simple analytic expressions for the total Born approximation cross section for pair production in a Coulomb field, p. 79
Maximon, L. C.

Corrections, p. ii

Issue 2 April 1968


The probability of an equilibrium point, p. 93
Goldberg, K; Goldman, A. J.; Newman, M.

On spaces and maps of generalized inverses, p. 103
Hearon, John Z.; Evans, John W.

Differentiable generalized inverses, p. 109
Hearon, John Z.; Evans, John W.

Principal submatrices V: some results concerning principal submatrices of arbitrary matrices, p. 115
Thompson, R. C.

Mathematical basis for the plasma kinetic equations (BBGKY), p. 127
Sopka, John J.

On the diffusion of an ion sheet in Poiseuille flow, p. 135
Jarvis, Stephen, Jr.

A class of thickness-minimal graphs, p. 145
Hobbs, Arthur M.; Grossman, J. W.

Issue 3 July 1968


Interaction in multidimensional contingency tables: an information theoretic approach, p. 159
Ku, H. H.

On the coupling of longitudinal and transverse waves in a linear Three-element viscoelastic string subjected to transverse impact, p. 201
Smith, Jack C.; Fong, Jeffrey T.

Allocating service periods to minimize delay time, p. 215
Horn, W. A.

The second orthogonality conditions in the theory of proper and improper rotations .I. Derivation of the conditions and of their main consequences, p. 229
Gelman, Harry

Thickness and connectivity in graphs, p. 239
Hobbs, Arthur M.; Grossman, J. W.

Issue 4 October 1968


Principal submatrices .VII. Further results concerning matrices with equal principal minors, p. 249
Thompson, R. C.

On the multipliers of Dedekind modular function, p. 253
Lehner, Joseph

Minimax error selection of a discrete univariate distribution with prescribed componentwise bounds, p. 263
Goldman, A. J.; Meyers, P. R.

Minimax error selection of a discrete univariate distribution with prescribed componentwise ranking, p. 273
Goldman, A. J.

On the signs of the v-derivatives of the modified Bessel functions Iv(x) and Kv(x), p. 279
Reudink, D. O.

Comparison of finite-difference computations of natural convection, p. 281
Torrance, K. E.

Generalized inverses and solutions of linear systems, p. 303
Hearon, John Z.

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