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Journal of Research of National Bureau of Standards, Section D: Radio Propagation

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 63D

 ISSN: 1060-1783

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 1 July 1959


Corrections, p. ii

Preface, p. v
Wait, James R. (Editor)

Foreword, p. vi
Brown, F. W.

Preliminary results of the National Bureau of Standards radio and ionospheric observations during the International Geophysical Year, p. 1
Gates, David M.

Origin of [OI] 5577 in the airglow and the aurora, p. 15
Roach, Franklin K. ; McCaulley, James W. ; Marovich, Edward

Comparison of absolute intensities of [OI] 5577 in the auroral and subauroral zones, p. 19
Roach, F.E. ; McCaulley, J.W. ; Purdy, C.M.

Origin of "very-low-frequency emissions", p. 21
Gallet, R.M. ; Helliwell, R.A.

Climatology of ground-based radio ducts, p. 29
Bean, Bradford K.

Power requirements and choice of an optimum frequency for a world-wide standard-frequency broadcasting station, p. 35
Watt, A.D. ; Plush, R.W.

Measurements of phase stability over a low-level tropospheric path, p. 45
Thompson, M.C., Jr.; Janes, H.B.

System loss in radio wave propagation, p. 53
Norton, Kenneth A.

Mode expansion in the low-frequency range for propagation through a curved stratified atmosphere, p. 75
Bremmer, H.

Transmission and reflection by a parallel wire grid, p. 87
Decker, Martin T.

Synoptic variation of the radio refractive index, p. 91
Bean, B.R.; Riggs, L.P.

Low-frequency propagation paths in arctic areas, p. 99
Watt, A.D. ; Maxwell, E.L. ; Whelan, E.H.

Issue 2 September 1959


Stratification in the lower ionosphere, p. 117
Ellyett, C. ; Watts, J.M.

Effect of small irregularities on the constitutive relations for the ionosphere, p. 135
Budden, K.G.

Ionospheric investigations using the sweep-frequency pulse technique at oblique incidence, p. 151
Agy, Vaughn ; Davies, Kenneth

Fields in electrically short ground systems: an experimental study, p. 175
Smith, A.N. ; Devaney, T.E.

Diffraction of electromagnetic waves by smooth obstacles for grazing angles, p. 181
Wait, James R. ; Conda, Alyce M.

Very-low-frequency radiation spectra of lightning discharges, p. 199
Taylor, W.L. ; Jean, A.G.

Radio-wave scattering by tropospheric irregularities, p. 205
Wheelon, Albert D.

Study at 1046 megacycles per second of the reflection coefficient of irregular terrain at grazing angles, p. 235
McGavin, Raymond E. ; Maloney, Leo J.

Synoptic study of the vertical distribution of the radio refractive index, p. 249
Bean, B.R. ; Riggs, L.P. ; Horn, J.D.

Issue 3 November 1959


Radio-refractive-index climate near the ground, p. 259
Bean, B.R. ; Horn, J.D.

Path antenna gain in an exponential atmosphere, p. 273
Hartman, W.J. ; Wilkerson, R.E.

Effect of atmospheric horizontal inhomogeneity upon ray tracing, p. 287
Bean, B.R. ; Cahoon, B.A.

On the correlation of solar noise fluctuations in harmonically related bands, p. 293
Storey, L.R.O.

A monochromatic low-latitude aurora, p. 297
Roach, F.E. ; Marovich, E.

Pattern synthesis for slotted-cylinder antennas, p. 303
Wait, James R. ; Householder, James

Central Radio Propagation Laboratory exponential reference atmosphere, p. 315
Bean, B.R. ; Thayer, G.D.

Excitation mechanisms of the oxygen 5577 emission in the upper atmosphere, p. 319
Tandberg-Hanssen, E. ; Roach, F.E.

A method for measuring local electron density from an artificial satellite, p. 325
Storey, L.R.O.

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