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Workshop On Addressing Key Technology Gaps in Implementing Advanced High-Strength Steels For Automotive Lightweighting

                        ORNL  PNNL

February 9-10, 2012, USCAR Offices, Southfield, MI

Objective:  This workshop was devoted to developing research and applied technology topics aimed at overcoming the key technology gaps which are hindering the lightweighting potential of increased use of AHSS in automotive applications. 

Background:  Although great progress has been made in implementing 1st generation and developing 2nd and 3rd generation AHSS for vehicles, recent industry studies have indicated that we haven't reached the limits of lightweighting possible by using AHSS, and that there are still technology gaps that, if overcome, would increase the usage of AHSS, and accelerate its implementation.  The U.S. DOE has publicly recognized this fact in several recent presentations, and this workshop would be aimed at identifying the research topics and approaches that could be used to close the gaps.  Ultimately, the results of this workshop would be used by investigators to develop proposals to execute the identified research.

Organizing Committee:  

  • David Anderson - Steel Market Development Institute
  • Terry Cullum – Auto/Steel Partnership
  • Bart DePompolo – U. S. Steel
  • Jim Fekete – NIST Materials Reliability Division
  • Zhili Feng – Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Tim Foecke – NIST Metallurgy Division
  • Jody Hall – General Motors Company
  • Will Joost - Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Program, U. S. Department of Energy
  • Ron Krupitzer - Steel Market Development Institute
  • Carolyn Philpott – Steel Market Development Institute
  • Xin Sun – Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Final Workshop Output - Report Plus Presentations

Workshop Report - Text Only

Workshop Report Plus Presentations (zip file)

Session 1 Presentations - Setting The Stage

 Ron Krupitzer - Steel Market Development Institute


Will Joost - U. S. Department of Energy


Curt Horvath - General Motors Company


Jim Dykeman - Honda Motors North America
(links to website for SAE Paper 2011-01-1058)

State Of The Art Presentations

Prof. David Matlock - Colorado School of Mines


Zhili Feng - Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Xin Sun - Pacific Northwest National Laboratory


Umesh Gandhi - Toyota Motor Manufacturing

Delayed Fracture/Hydrogen Embrittlement

Don Jordan - Ford Motor Company


Tom Stoughton - General Motors Company

Other Documents

 L. Sun, R. H. Wagoner, Int. J. of Plasticity 27 (2011), 1126-1144 (available on request from Prof. Wagoner)


 J. H. Kim, J. H. Sung, K. Piao, R. H. Wagoner, Int. J. of Plasticity 27 (2011) 1658-1676 (available on request from Prof. Wagoner)


Brad Boyce - Sandia National Laboratory