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The Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) is a catalyst for strengthening American manufacturing – accelerating its ongoing transformation into a more efficient and powerful engine of innovation driving economic growth and job creation.



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Would You Like A Coffee With That College Education?

As families’ education costs skyrocket and the need for skilled workers keeps business owners up at night, a new model for workforce training has just hit the streets. Starbucks is providing a free college education to thousands of its employees through an online partnership with Arizona State University. Open to all of Starbuck’s U.S. employees who work 20 hours a week or more, Starbucks will pay full tuition for those employees who have the grades and test scores to gain admission to Arizona State. For a fast-food company, Starbucks’ has really broken the mold in terms of employee attraction and retention: they offer health insurance even for part-time employees as well as employee stock options. Yet, with all these benefit costs, Starbucks’ stock has grown more than one hundred fold since 1992 when it went public. And according to the book, The Starbucks Experience, Starbucks’ employee turnover is 120 percent less than the industry average. Continue Reading