3 Trapped in Solid Neon" />

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Publication Citation: The A 2E" - X 2A2' Transition of NO3 Trapped in Solid Neon

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Author(s): Marilyn E. Jacox; Warren E. Thompson;
Title: The A 2E" - X 2A2' Transition of NO3 Trapped in Solid Neon
Published: April 07, 2010
Abstract: NO3 has been stabilized in a neon matrix at 4.3 K in sufficient yield for detection of the absorptions between 7000 and 10000 cm-1 which arise from vibronically allowed transitions from its ground state to levels of the A 2E" state. The results confirm and somewhat extend previous gas-phase observations for (14N)(16O)3. Additional spectra are presented for six other isotopologues of NO3, four of which possess C2v symmetry. The splitting patterns for these species support the previous assignments. Alternations in the spacings of the v4 progressions are consistent with the occurrence of weak to moderate Jahn-Teller interaction in the A 2E" state of NO3.
Citation: Journal of Physical Chemistry A
Pages: 7 pp.
Keywords: Electronic Spectrum, Isotopic Substitution, Jahn-Teller Interaction, Near Infrared Spectrum, Neon Matrix, NO3, Vibrational Assignment
Research Areas: Molecular Physics, Chemistry, Physics, Spectroscopy
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