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Publication Citation: A Modular System Architecture for Agile Assembly of Nanocomponents using Optical Tweezers

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Author(s): Arvind K. Balijepalli; Thomas W. LeBrun; Cedric V. Gagnon; Yong-Gu Lee; Nicholas G. Dagalakis;
Title: A Modular System Architecture for Agile Assembly of Nanocomponents using Optical Tweezers
Published: September 10, 2005
Abstract: In order to realize the flexibility optical trapping offers as a nanoassembly tool, we need to develop natural and intuitiveinterfaces to assemble large quantities of nanocomponents quickly and cheaply. We propose a system to create such aninterface that is scalable, inter-changeable and modular. Several prototypes are described, starting with simple interfacesthat control a single trap in the optical tweezers instrument using a 3-dimensional Phantom haptic device. A networkbasedapproach is adopted early on, and a modular prototype is then described in detail. In such a design, individualmodules developed on different platforms work independently and communicate with each other through a commonlanguage interface using the Neutral Messaging Language (NML) communication protocol. A natural user interface isimplemented that can be used to create and manipulate traps interactively like in a CAD program. Modules such asimage processing and automatic assembly are also added to help simplify routine assembly tasks. Drawing on lessonslearned from the prototypes, a new system specification is formulated to better integrate the modules. Finally,conclusions are drawn on the overall viability and future of network-based systems for nanoassembly using opticaltweezers.
Conference: Optics and Photonics Conference
Proceedings: Proceedings of SPIE
Volume: 5908
Pages: 10 pp.
Location: San Diego, CA
Dates: September 10, 2005
Keywords: nanoassembly,nanomanufacturing,optical tweezers,system architecture
Research Areas: Metrology, Manufacturing