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Publication Citation: Magnetism in Cr Thin Films on Fe(100)

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Author(s): John Unguris; Robert Celotta; Daniel T. Pierce;
Title: Magnetism in Cr Thin Films on Fe(100)
Published: January 01, 1992
Abstract: The spin polarization of secondary electrons from a Cr film on Fe(100), measured with scanning electron microscopy with polarization analysis, oscillates as a function of Cr thickness with a period near two atomic layers, consistent with incommensurate spin-density-wave antiferromagnetism in the Cr. The position of a phase slip due to incommensurability varies reversibly by 14 layers over the temperature range of 310 to 550 K. The Cr surface magnetic moment persists well above the Neel temperature of bulk Cr.
Citation: Physical Review Letters
Volume: 69
Issue: 7
Pages: pp. 1125 - 1128
Research Areas: Nanomagnetics